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KishHealth Physician Group

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What is a Medical Home?

A Medical Home is a partnership between you, your family, and a primary provider, in cooperation with specialists and support from the community, to manage health, promote wellness, and address illness. Having a Medical Home empowers you by allowing you to choose healthcare options and solutions that meet your personal goals.

Why is a Medical Home Important?

Having a Medical Home within KishHealth System is important for two reasons:

  • Building a long-term relationship with a trusted provider enables you to get connected to services within the health system that support lifetime health, such as physical therapy and community wellness.
  • Having a doctor you can trust and who knows you and your history enables you to feel more in control of your health, and ultimately your life.

Why Choose KPG for Your Medical Home?

KPG has offices throughout this community: KPG currently has locations in Sandwich, Plano, DeKalb, Rochelle, Genoa, and Waterman.

KPG employs a range of providers: You can find the doctor, PA, or RN that you feel most comfortable with.

KPG works with your existing preferred providers: KPG primary care physicians work with specialists regardless of their affiliation. If you have a preference for a particular specialist, KPG will work with that doctor to coordinate your care.

How Do I Get Started?

Having a Medical Home is essential to ensuring that you and your family receive the best possible care and outcomes. Get started today by getting to know our providers so you can choose who is the best fit for you.

Why Choose KPG?

The physicians of KishHealth Physician Group are committed to providing expert care to our community. Our physicians have a simple goal, to improve the health and well being of the individuals they serve. 

Backed by the mission of KishHealth System, KPG seeks to constantly improve our standard of care, exceed customer expectations and improve patient satisfaction. We remain determined to bring more primary care physicians and specialists to the community assuring affordable access to care when and where it’s needed.



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