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Published on November 02, 2011

Healthy Holidays to You!

November 2, 2011

With all the holiday parties coming up, many may start to dread the battle of the bulge. Amid so many enticing options, how do you stay on track? If you are cooking the dishes, there are many healthy substitutions you can make. Use skim milk instead of whole in mashed potatoes and cut the butter in half, use broth based soup for green bean casserole, and use baked/roasted sweet potatoes instead of candied sweet potatoes. If you are not cooking, mentally discard those items you should not eat before arriving so you avoid the rationalizations later. Set limits on choices rather than completely obtaining, such as limiting to one dessert, taking small portions of your favorites, eat slowly, eat before so you are not starving, no seconds, and avoiding finger foods. It can be done. Plan ahead!

Nutrition Fact of the Month:

What’s the deal with post-thanksgiving meal drowsiness? Doesn't everyone always want to take a nap after? Rumor has it, that it’s the turkey’s high tryptophan level that makes you tired. After all, tryptophan is the building block of the sleep hormone serotonin, right? While this is true, the drop in energy level is more so a response from the high carbohydrate intake. When your blood sugars rise from high carbohydrates, it releases a mass of insulin to bring it down, resulting in a drop in blood sugar and subsequently in your energy. Result: sleepiness. Solution: balanced meal.

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