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Published on February 01, 2017

Targeting Cancer at its Source

More patients in northern Illinois are benefiting from a minimally invasive cancer treatment with the arrival of two new oncologists in the DeKalb area.

yellow dart hitting targetOncologists Robert Bayer, MD, and Alan Wan, DO, with the Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center, are recommending tumor ablations for more patients with certain types of cancer.

“This is a newer technology that allows a probe to be placed into a tumor. The probe is heated and the heat kills cancer cells,” says Interventional Radiologist Seth Alper, MD, who is performing microwave ablations at Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital. “We are able to control the treatment zone to specifically target the cancer cells while keeping the healthy cells intact.”

Dr. Alper credits Dr. Wan and Dr. Bayer for referring patients to receive
this treatment. “The awareness of treatment options and the knowledge
of Northwestern Medicine have increased our use of the microwave
treatment. Drs. Bayer and Wan have been great additions to our cancer
center for our patients,” states Dr. Alper.

Northwestern Medicine is providing access to academic health care close to home, connecting patients with specialists in cardiology, neurology, oncology and more.

Ablative Therapy

Tumor ablation is a minimally invasive treatment used to destroy cancer cells in the lung and chest. A physician guided by computed tomography (CT) imaging delivers a specially equipped needle called a probe to the tumor site.

Ablative therapy is an alternative to surgical resection appropriate primarily for patients with four or fewer tumors limited to the liver. For patients with greater numbers of tumors or those with tumors involving multiple organs, chemotherapy and other forms of therapy are more effective.

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