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Published on May 01, 2015

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May 1, 2015

Being smart about food choices allows us to find where nutrition and yumminess intersect.

When purchasing food, many people follow taste preferences rather than nutritional value. Making choices in this way can harm a person’s health.

“Food purchases driven by taste may include foods high in fat, sugar, and sodium, which in large quantities have adverse health effects,” says Lynn Fifer, MS, RDN, LDN, registered dietitian on staff at KishHealth System. “Food is fuel, and we have to be sure we’re providing our bodies with the kind of energy that helps them work efficiently and effectively.”

Being Mindful

The good news: it isn’t necessary to sacrifice taste for nutrition.

To choose nutritious foods:

  • Buy whole-grain products, lean meats, dairy, wild-caught fish, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid packaged foods and beverages high in sugar, sodium, trans fats, preservatives, dyes, and artificial ingredients

Cooking at home helps you appreciate fresh ingredients. Season with herbs to discover subtle flavors. Eat slowly and without distractions to become more aware of when you’ve had your fill.

“Taste and nutrition are not mutually exclusive concepts,” says Khurram Qadir, MD, gastroenterologist with KishHealth System Physician Group. “We should enjoy our food, and people who are educated about nutritional value are able to choose good-tasting foods that are also nutritionally rich. In the grocery aisles and at fast-food restaurants, we face an abundance of calorie-dense, cheap foods. Simple, pure foods are better for us than products with too many ingredients on the label, especially those that you cannot pronounce. Bringing nutritious food home is especially important for parents, because the habits children learn from their parents stay with them for life.”

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