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Published on October 12, 2015

Your Home Away from Home...

October 12, 2015

newborn in bassinetSome might wonder how a hospital could ever feel like home. Aren’t all hospitals sterile and have no personality? Don’t they lack amenities to make you feel comfortable? That is not what you find at KishHealth System’s Kishwaukee Hospital and Valley West Hospital – especially in the Maternity Suites.

Valley West Hospital’s Maternity Suites are going through a renovation similar to a home remodeling project. New furniture has been purchased; form and function were at the top of Manager Melissa Hilt’s list when choosing furnishings. “We want people to feel like they are at home on their couch or recliner, having furniture that is comfortable and easy to use was a must,” stated Hilt. Moms will enjoy new glider rockers and have the ability to relax on a recliner once their baby is born. Rooms are multi functioning. Mothers labor, deliver, and recover in the same place during the entire birthing experience; the redesigned rooms will have two distinct spaces. The space when first walking into the room is the “business” part of the room. Nurses, obstetricians and pediatricians will perform their exams and routine checks in the same place as the delivery will happen. The other portion of the room will have the glider, couch/recliner combination. Hilt commented that, “this encourages mom to interact with baby and visitors in a setting that is like home, easing the recovery process.” A modern and fresh makeover is happening to the windows as well. Double window shades will be installed in each room including the nursery. The shades have a light filtering panel that lets the light in from the outside but cannot be seen through from the exterior. They also have a blackout shade that can be drawn for a dark room setting. Art is being chosen for the walls and in the Maternity Suites the artwork will feature babies. Hilt is excited about the art selection. She said, “Our staff members who have children are providing photos. This makes for a warm and home-like setting for our patients, visitors, and staff.” The renovation has allowed nurses and staff procedures to be examined as well. Rooms will each look the same with supplies in the same location, ensuring that patients’ needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Amidst the renovations and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiatives patient satisfaction scores are consistently high, in the 90 percentile range. In July, Valley West Hospital Maternity Suites recorded a 99 percent patient satisfaction score. Much of the praise has been voiced regarding the home like feeling and attention to detail.

KishHealth System’s Maternity Suites are leading the way in labor, delivery, recovery, and the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. The hospital can be a home away from home – a comfortable, caring, and compassionate environment during a most special hospital stay.

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