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Published on December 16, 2013

Healthy Holiday Traditions

December 16, 2013

Fruit TreeFamily traditions play a crucial role in the healthy or unhealthy choices a family makes about eating and physical activity. The holiday season is here, so it’s time to start some new healthy traditions. KishHealth System offers these tips to help you start some new holiday traditions.

Provide healthful alternatives.

Keep a basket of special fruits of the season, like tangerines or pears, in easy reach. Put out a bowl of nuts and a nutcracker. Children old enough will have fun cracking the shells and digging out the nut. Instead of two high-fat desserts, switch one to a simple baked fruit dessert. If several high-fat items are included in a meal, be sure to include a selection of lower-calorie, lower-fat items.

Keep it simple.

The best family holiday traditions are the ones that everyone can enjoy without a lot of fuss and planning. Think back to the traditions you celebrated as a child. Keep the ones that bring a smile to your face, and drop the ones you dread or those that create added stress.

Forget the dinner party.

Make the guests and the activity the focus, not the food. Have an ornament making party, go caroling, or have a holiday scavenger hunt.

Be more active.

After your big holiday meal, take a walk (regardless of the time, weather or what is on TV), or get your family and friends to play a game of touch football.

Give nutritionally correct gifts.

Instead of sharing a favorite candy recipe, consider whole grain muffins instead. Substitute a fruit basket for cookies and candy. Bake yeast breads filled with nuts and raisins instead of fruitcake. Make a healthful trail mix.

Bake cookies…to use as decorations.

Cookies are fun to make. This year, instead of making so many to eat, make some to hang on the tree. Before baking, remember to poke a hole in the top to string the ribbon through.


Take time for yourself. Plan a quiet activity that you enjoy. Take the time to walk around your neighborhood to enjoy the holiday decorations. 

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