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Published on December 18, 2013

Holidays and Exercise

December 18, 2013

decorating the treeIt’s that time of year when the weather outside turns frightful, there are extra cookies and treats to be made, being with family is important, and giving is in the air. Even if you are going through cancer treatment, you can still enjoy the excitement and joy of the holiday season.

You may have a decrease in stamina or energy level, but there is no better way to change that than spending time with family and helping to prepare for the fun festivities. It’s those little extras that we do at this time of year that can give you a boost of energy. Don’t forget to make time for family and friends, even if it is just a short time. Plan a day or part of a day, and rest the next day. If you have the stamina and feel up to it, volunteer for a short time to help the less fortunate. It’s the giving of yourself that people will cherish.

There are many ways to incorporate exercise into fun holiday activities: stand-up or sit-down and wrap presents, help make a holiday dinner, trim a tree, or help bake cookies and treats. Whatever seems to fit into your life during this season, embrace the chance to put in some extra physical effort to make the time enjoyable.

Melissa Stevens DPT, CSCS
Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer at KishHealth System Physican Therapy Center

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