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Published on February 28, 2014

KishHealth System Culinary Health Instructor Networks with National Expert

February 28, 2014

Jo CessnaKishHealth System is on the cutting edge of the food in medicine movement with the presence of Jo Cessna, healthy culinary instructor, on staff. Very few hospitals in the United States, let alone the Chicago area, have someone like Jo interacting with the community and networking nationally on this topic.

Cessna’s expertise put her in the spotlight at the 2013 Food as Medicine Conference in Indianapolis, where she was a part of a culinary team led by culinary expert Rebecca Katz. More recently she has been a recipe tester for a new book by Katz, founder and director of the Healing Kitchens Institute in Northern California.

Cessna recently returned from Marin County, Calif., where Katz trained her on how to test the recipes, which Cessna did both at her Sycamore home and in California.

Katz chef, author, culinary consultant and speaker, is an expert on the role of food in supporting optimal health. She has written three books, The Longevity Kitchen, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen and One Bite at a Time.

The recipe-testing was for her fourth book on brain health.

Cessna first connected with Katz three years ago while teaching from her home school and working with a cancer center in Geneva. She admired Katz’ work and emailed her. She was delighted when Katz emailed her back, and a cross-country collaboration began.

Katz invited Cessna and three other culinary instructors to be part of her breakout booth at the 2013 Food as Medicine Conference. Hundreds of healthcare providers from around the world attended the four-day conference. In between sessions, conference participants would visit the breakout booths. Cessna was responsible for three educational segments: “Stocking the Fridge for a Week,” “Snacks on the Run,” and “Healthy Breakfast.”

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