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Published on March 05, 2014

Breakfast is Best Therapy

March 5, 2014

Poached EggAccording to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, researchers concluded that breakfast eaters have better glucose control throughout the day as compared to those who skip breakfast. An important component to breakfast is protein; it provides a reduction in food cravings, and provides a fullness and satisfaction that lasts.

Some guidelines to a good, hunger satisfying breakfast are:

  • Include an equal amount of carbohydrate and protein; nuts and fruit are a great combination.
  • Prepare breakfast the night before.
  • Keep a variety of healthy, protein rich foods on hand like Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, nuts, fruits, almond butter.

I like to encourage students to make their own convenience foods to stock their pantry and refrigerator for the week.  Poached eggs are great and easy to make a few at a time. Completely cool them on a cooling rack to allow the excess water to drip off.  Then store in an airtight container. In the morning they are ready to enjoy with a piece of toasted whole grain pita or bread slice, or smash up into a breakfast “egg salad” with an avocado!

Perfect Poached Eggs


Bring eggs to room temperature.

Using a shallow saucepan or fry pan, bring 2 inches of water to a simmer. Add 1 teaspoon cider vinegar to the water and pinch of sea salt.

Crack 1 egg at a time in small dish - slip gently into the simmering water. Let water come back to a simmer before adding the next egg.

Simmer gently until eggs are done. Eat immediately or cool to store.


Jo Cessna
Healthy Culinary Instructor

Source: American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, April 2013

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