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Published on March 09, 2016

Chili Powder

March 09, 2016

Chili powder is a blend of spices. Ground dried chilies are the main component, then spices like cumin, coriander and Mexican oregano are added. The combination varies by brand.

Chili Powder

How to Use

  • Use in foods with a Mexican theme like enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, or burritos.
  • Use when something needs a bit of zest like BBQ sauce, a dip or other sauce.
  • This spice goes great in any tomato-based dish.
  • Mix with yogurt or sour cream for a dip or dollop on a baked potato.
  • The amount needed varies according to personal preference. To experiment, start out with 1 tsp spice per 4 servings.

How to Store

  • Store spices in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • Be sure to use spice within 1 year for optimum flavor. 
  • Buy only a reasonable amount of spice each time that can be used up within 9 months to 1 year.
  • Store spices in sealed container like glass jars, or plastic containers with a sealed lid. Plastic bags are not recommended; too much flavor is lost leaching through the bag.

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