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Published on July 01, 2005

VWCH Health and Safety Fair Award Winners Announced

July 01, 2005

Over 70 prizes and free raffle gifts were given visitors at Valley West Community Hospital’s Health and Safety Fair on June 30. Summer lawn games, gift baskets, gourmet food assortments and gift certificates for dinner and local treats were all on the list of things worth signing up to win. Attendance was set at about 800, judged by hot dogs grilled, ice cream sundaes enjoyed and comparison to previous years.

A partial list of Prizes given at the 2005 Health and Safety Fair follows:

Door Prizes from VWCH were won by: Lyle Fritsch- Park Bench; Ron Fannin- 10’ x 10’ Gazebo Sun Shade; Jayne Moore- 4th of July Party Basket; Melissa Cikauskas- Children’s summer toy basket; Riley Limon- Slip ‘n’ Slide.

From Northern Illinois Cardiovascular Consultants (Dr. Kurian): Jim Bernhardt and Toni Wessels- Pen with memory chip; Cindy Fisch and Bill Wilson – American heart Association Cook Book; Penny Hook- Blood Pressure Monitor.

From Willow Crest Nursing Pavilion: Barb Kuykendall- Sno-Cone Maker and Picnic Basket; Cody Maier-Expedition Kit; Doris Stier- 3 Game Set; Delaney Tally-Pro-Washers; Judy McGrath – Pool; Kathryn Stegar-DVD.

From Kathy Martin Country Insurance: Shirley Covert- Spotlight; Char Buyers-Sandwich Game; Dorothy Behm – Zippered Case of Tools.
Runa Teague, Nicole Trandel, Jordan Campbell and Nancy Park won gift Baskets from Shabbona Nursing Home.

From DeKalb County Hospice: Marian Hunter-Baby Quilt; Linda Holley – Americana Mailbox with Beanie Baby.

VWCH booth prizes were won by: Bonnie Butler- Daisy and Butterfly wind sock from Diagnostic Imaging; Grovette Gilkerson –Canvas folding lawn chairs from VWCH Rehab; Barb Falk- Wal-Mart $10 Gift Card and VWCH OB gift Basket; Melissa Perry- Flag Basket filled with Snacks from VWCH Education.

From Season Hospice: Cora Day- Quartz clock; Theresa Norar-Purple Bear; and Joseph Kania- Gold Star filled with Chocolate; Nora Hemmingson won a gold pen set from Prevent Child Abuse Illinois. Kelly Roggelin won Unity Hospice’s Gourmet Foods Basket.

Other winners were: Ellene Cleveland- Americana Wall hanging from Suicide Prevention Services; Jacob Frederick- Project Success’ Child’s Book of Virtues; Pam Gilbert- Alessia Pediatrics Women’s gift Basket; Laura W. of Sandwich- Dogwood Healthcare’s Gift Basket; Mary Ostrom- Visiting Nurse Association’s Green Pail and Gift Certificate; Bob and Sally Latham- Back Massager, and Lisa- Black and White Bear (Donor unknown).

Karl Csiszer Eye Care gave eight prizes: Carol Lukes- Green Thermal Cup; Leigh Gilbert-Hush Puppy; Joyce Moze- Blue Thermal Cup; Joan T. and Helen Smith- Definity Cup Holders; Sarah Brauer- Marchon Glasses holder with Patriotic banner; Ruth Campbell Clock; and Alex Bantz-Shirt.

Will Ruch won the Atari Flashback game from Dr. Upadhyay.

Cathy Cunz received the $50 Gift Certificate to Rick’s from Dr. Aruna Pagadalla.

Natural Direct’s Basket of Fresh Produce was won by Kristi Albright.

The Child’s Basket of Toys from CHADD was won by Katelyn Lyons.

The S.P.A. for Woman gave two Certificates for Micro Dermabrasion with LSD Light Therapy Treatments won by Eva Alessia and Amy Hamper.

The Sandwich District Library book, YOU, the Owners Manual - Insider’s Guide to the Body was won by Jill Reid.

Other prizes were delivered by the exhibitors themselves and not reported.
Exhibitors traditionally have not been asked to pay an entry fee, but to instead offer a door prize to be given away at their booth. The Health Fair will be back next year on the Thursday before the opening of Freedom Days.

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