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Published on November 01, 2005

Local Resident Promotes Colorectal Cancer Awareness

November 01, 2005

Dick Cypert, Lake Holiday resident

Dick Cypert, Lake Holiday
resident, believes in preventing
illness and recently had a
screening that detected a polyp
in his colon before it could slow
him down. He recently helped
bring in the corn at Roger
Thorson’s farm in Plano, “I had
heard a lot about what a
headache it was to get a
colonoscopy but there was
nothing to it,” he explained.

Dick and Marge Cypert love their retirement and don’t want to lose a minute of it to preventable illness—that is why Dick took his physician’s advice, and got a colonoscopy. “There is nothing to it. No more chalky liquids to swallow for the preparation, and I didn’t miss a beat after the procedure,” he explained. “Dr. David Faulk [Gastroenterologist] performed the procedure right here at Valley West Community Hospital, it was over in a snap, then Marge and I went out to breakfast.”

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. “It is often found too late for a cure. This does not have to be the case. When found in the early stages, colorectal cancer can be cured by removing the polyps and therefore preventing cancer formation,” Dr. Faulk explained.

“All the uncertainty was frightening but the test and procedure were a breeze. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I just made up my mind to do it and it was over before I knew it,” explained the healthy, 65-year-old retired truck driver. Dr. Faulk, detected a single, small mushroom-shaped polyp in Cypert’s colon and removed it using one of the newest innovations in same-day surgery, the VIO System which uses argon plasma gas instead of laser to remove polyps. “The system allows us to perform a procedure here in Sandwich versus having to send patients to one of the universities,” he said.

“It is important to know the symptoms of colorectal cancer and to have the screening tests that can detect this cancer in its early stages before it causes symptoms, which was the case with Mr. Cypert,” said Dr. Faulk. Symptoms include: rectal bleeding; blood in your stool; change in your bowel movements, especially if you have bouts of constipation that alternate with bouts of diarrhea; pain in your lower abdomen that doesn't go away or that comes back often; and feeling discomfort or the urge to move bowels when there is no stool present.

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