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Published on March 29, 2006

KCH Staff Receives Disaster Preparedness Training

March 29, 2006

Kishwaukee Community Hospital Emergency Department employees recently attended an eight-hour disaster preparedness training session. The session was led by Shaun Penn, Kishwaukee EMS Educator and Lieutenant of the Sycamore Fire Department.

The training session was held to educate KCH employees about different disaster agents and weapons of mass destruction. Employees also had an opportunity to work with decontamination equipment known as PAPR, “Powered Air Purifying Respirator.”

Joe Herrmann, BA, EMT-P, and KCH EMS System Coordinator, said the training was essential in preparing staff for disaster-related events.

“This training was an opportunity for the Emergency Department staff to be updated with the most current information on weapons of mass destruction and our newly purchased decontamination equipment. This training and equipment will allow staff to safely and efficiently decontaminate patients before entering the Emergency Department,” he said.

The next phase of training will be a decontamination drill held in early summer. During the drill, staff will practice using the PARP equipment on live patients.

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