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Published on April 20, 2006

Thanking DeKalb County Hospice Volunteers 

April 20, 2006

DeKalb County Hospice VolunteersDeKalb County Hospice thanks its many volunteers during National Volunteer Week, April 23-29.

The volunteers of DeKalb County Hospice are an integral part of the service provided to patients and families. They are all ages and come from all walks of life. “They are a diverse, wonderfully committed group of individuals who want to help people during a difficult time in their lives,” said Val Heintz, DeKalb County Hospice Volunteer Program Coordinator.

“DeKalb County Hospice volunteers are incredible people doing incredible things.” Heintz said. Many provide valuable service by unselfishly sharing their time and talents by baking, making deliveries, answering phones, stuffing envelopes, helping with mailings and fundraising. Some volunteers help families sew stuffed bears made from the clothes of loved one.

Other volunteers provide support by working directly with patients and families. They provide comfort, friendship and companionship. They provide respite so families and caregivers can take a break from care giving.

They pick up that special “treat” for their patient when nothing else tastes good,. They bring flowers to touch and smell when the patient is no longer able to leave their bed,. They rub lotion on hands and do nails, write cards to loved ones when fingers are no longer able to hold a pen. They listen to life stories that bring back special, comforting, life-validating

“We are continually in awe of how much our volunteers do as we all (staff and volunteers) participate in hospice care,” Heintz said.

“We appreciate so much what each of our volunteers does to support the mission of DeKalb County Hospice. They give of their talents and time to help make the work of DeKalb County Hospice possible. We simply could not serve the terminally ill and their families and friends without them.”

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