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Published on June 15, 2006

Hicks Awarded KCH TAGS Volunteer of the Year

June 15, 2006

Laura Hicks

TAG of the Year Laura Hicks has
donated over 300 hours of
service to Kishwaukee
Community Hospital.

The Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary named Laura Hicks, a graduating senior at DeKalb High School, Teenage Group Service (TAGS) Volunteer of the Year.

Hicks has been a volunteer for five years. All TAGS volunteers are required to work a minimum of 50 hours a year. This year, Hicks worked 58 hours for a total of 306 for the five years. “The total hours Laura worked do not reflect the impact that she has made at Kishwaukee Hospital,” said Judy Findlay, KCH Volunteer Assistant. “Her smile and customer service made everyone feel welcome when they entered our doors.”

Hicks helped set-up a new service opportunity for TAGS to work on the medical units helping nurses, responding to call lights, filling water pitchers, and more. She spearheaded the new TAGS Unit service by doing trial runs and working with the nursing staff to develop a service description. “Laura will be an asset to any field she enters,” said Findlay.

TAGS recognized for top hours were: Areane-Faith Gould of Sycamore, 212 hours; Cora Buckle of DeKalb, 190; Dhruv Patel of DeKalb, 156; Brianna Michael of Genoa, 140 hours; Liz Snyder of DeKalb, 134 hours; and Britni Michael of Genoa, 122 hours.

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