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Published on September 26, 2006

Valley West Becomes EMS Associate Hospital

September 26, 2006

Valley West Becomes EMS Associate Hospital

Cindy Wesolowski, RN, ECRN,
and EMS coordinator for VWCH,
answers a call in the Valley
West Community Hospital
Emergency Department from an
inbound ambulance.

Valley West Community Hospital’s level of participation in the Emergency Medical system (EMS) of Illinois will increase on September 5 when VWCH moves from Participating Hospital to Associate Hospital. Valley West will be a part of the Kishwaukee Community Emergency Medical System (KCEMSS)

“As local EMS providers join the KCEMSS, Medical Control will now come from the physician who will be caring for the patient on arrival the VWCH Emergency Department,” said Cindy Wesolowski, EMS coordinator for Valley West. “EMS providers have their protocols for care, but if they need additional help or orders, they call their resource hospital’s Medical Control. Some area ambulance services are now served by resource hospitals as far away as Rockford,” she said.

For the patient, this means better continuity of care from the scene of transport to arrival at and care in the emergency department. For EMS providers, having VWCH become the medical control site offers better oversight and more educational opportunities.

All VWCH emergency nurses are certified as Emergency Communications Registered Nurses (ECRN). The radio is manned at all times in the Emergency Department where all physicians are board certified in Emergency Medicine and are on hand 24 hours a day.

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