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Published on October 16, 2006

VWCH Sends Patients Home with "Recoup Soup"

October 16, 2006

VWCH Sends Patients Home with "Recoup Soup"

(From left) Brooke Wantland,
Beth Barringer, and Jess Morris
of the Valley West Dietary team
prepare "Recoup Soup" care

Grandmother always said chicken soup was good for the soul. Often thought to be just an old wives’ tale, she may not have been far off base about the restorative powers of the simple soup. Originated by another hospital within the KishHealth System, Valley West adopted and implemented a new way for patients to have a hot meal when they arrive home. In conjunction with the hospital Auxiliary, ‘Recoup Soup’ is now being sent home with day surgery patients who visit Valley West Community Hospital for medical procedures. Each patient receives a gift bag containing a Valley West Recoup Soup mug, container of prepared and frozen soup, and instructions on how to prepare the 4 servings of the low-cholesterol soup upon their return home.

Valley West’s Recoup Soup is easy to prepare and healthy. Some researchers even believe there are scientific reasons for the healing powers of basic chicken soup. Dr. Stephen Rennard from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha suggests that the particular blend of vitamins and nutrients in traditional chicken soups can have an anti-inflammatory effect that could lead to a temporary easy from illness symptoms.

Headed by Penni Blue, Valley West Dietician, the Dietary team researched ways to send chicken soup home with patients without compromising the taste or texture of the soup. The team tried pre-cooking, partially cooking and even freezing the noodles before settling on dry egg noodles as part of the recipe. Patients now receive the frozen soup base; the uncooked noodles are added when the soup is heated at home. All of this work is to make sure patients have an easy, nutritious and tasty meal upon their return home.

Valley West Community Hospital is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of lifelong residents and those drawn here by the area’s charm, location and high-quality lifestyle.

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