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Published on November 15, 2006

VWCH a Certified Softer Mammogram Provider

November 15, 2006

VWCH a Certified Softer Mammogram Provider

Radiology Technician Karen
Sepaniak places the
MammoPad® cushion for a
more comfortable mammogram.

Designed by a female breast surgeon, the MammoPad® is a cushion that makes mammograms more comfortable by significantly reducing the discomfort many women feel. Designed to be non-toxic and non-irritating the cushion is latex free. The ¼ foam pad is warm to the touch and soft on the skin, creating a soft layer between the patient and the compression surface of the mammography equipment. With its adhesive back, the single-use padding does not reduce the quality of the image.When the Plano Wal-Mart asked Valley West Community Hospital to provide an in-store education booth for National Breast Cancer Awareness Day, October 20, Mammographer, Karen Sepaniak knew it was the perfect place to let women see and feel the MammoPad®, used during exams. “The patients who have experienced MammoPad® have told us how much they appreciate this new comfort measure. It was a great place to introduce it to other ladies who would welcome a way to decrease discomfort,” Sepaniak said.

Recent studies suggest that discomfort during a breast exam is the number one reason that women ages 40 and older avoid an annual screening, as recommended by the American Cancer Society. However, clinical studies show that nearly three-quarters of women reported a 50% decrease in discomfort during the procedure when a MammoPad® is used.

Early detection offers the best protection against breast cancer. A physicians order is required to schedule a mammogram at Valley West Community Hospital. Contact Diagnostic Imaging at (815) 786-3794.

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