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KHS Employees Honored at Service Award Banquet

May 24, 2007


Many KishHealth System employees were recently recognized for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 years of service.

The honorees work at Kishwaukee Community Hospital, Hauser-Ross Eye Institute (HREI), DeKalb County Hospice and Unlimited Performance Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

The employee honored with the most years of service was Donnalee Klatt, who has worked for KishHealth System for 40 years. Klatt started working in the Bookkeeping Department at the old DeKalb Public Hospital in 1967, and then transferred to Payroll in 1968. In 1975, she moved to Kishwaukee Community Hospital, and later accepted the position of Personnel Director. She is now part of the KishHealth System Human Resources department.

Barbara Barber has been the housekeeping supervisor for 25 of her 30 years at KCH, and 22 of those years she worked on the Medical unit.

Jackie Mascenic, RN, has worked in various roles at KCH for 30 years. In 1975, she was a student nurse and help move ICU patients from the old hospital to the current KCH location. She was a licensed practical nurse for five years and has worked as an RN in the OB unit ever since. Nancy Plote has worked in many different capacities at KCH for 30 years, beginning her career in the Dietary department. In December, 1977, she transferred to Medical Records and has been there ever since. She has been a coder/data analyst since 2005.

Molly Williams, RN, has worked at KCH for 30 years, starting as a licensed practicall nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. She continued to further her education and obtained her RN license. In 1986, she transferred to Day Surgery where she still works today.

Other honorees were: 20 years - Andrea Diedrich, Diabetes Services; Debra Ferguson, Unlimited Performance; Victoria Guthrie, Special Care; Peter Keding, Maintenance; Debra Lundgren, Health Information Management.; Susan Martens, House Supervision; Debra Sells, Administration; Joyce Soost, HREI Transportation; Sharon Thompson, Laboratory; Cheryl Torres, Special Care, Jeri Wethington ; HREI Surgicenter; Judith Winter, Pre-op Nursing.

15 years - Debra Angel, Central Supply; Connie Briesacher, Ambulatory Care; Arvada Coleman, First Impressions; Gary Fanning MD, HREI Physician; Loren Foelske, Administration; Jane Hapeman, Food & Nutrition Services; Cynthia Hooper, Cardiac Rehab; Diane Johnson, HREI Patient Services; Kathleen Kuhmichael, Med/Surg/Peds; Elaine Latimer, HREI Transportation; Joan Lee, Ambulatory Care; Julie Maertz, HREI Patient Services; Elizabeth Neisendorf, Emergency Department.; Margaret Neisendorf, Emergency Department.; Christine Pahnke, Cardiac Rehab; Carrie Parker, HREI Patient Services; Judy Parker, Housekeeping; Dolores Pumfrey, HREI Transportation; Marilyn Sanders, HREI Vision Screening; Lisa Smits, HREI Patient Services; Thomas Warzecha, Pharmacy; Tricia Winters, Med/Surg/Peds.

10 years - Lori Buchanan, Clinical Resource Center; Douglas Decker, Purchasing; Robert Divita, Maintenance; Sheryl Haag, Emergency Dept.; Tracie Hull, Diagnostic Imaging; Christopher Laurent, Unlimited Performance; Regina Lawton, Housekeeping; David Linden, Endoscopy; Sharon Maas, Emergency Department.; Doris MacDonald, Laboratory; Tammy Matthews, Special Care; Linda Myers, Child Development Clinic; Cherylnn Norman, HREI Patient Services; Kim Pierce, HREI Patient Services; Kevin Powell, Emergency Department.; Michael Reser, Unlimited Performance; Chris Sarver, Kishwaukee Health Foundation; Debra Schiller, Continuity of Care; Sara Strand, Operating Room; Judith Sulaver, Ambulatory Care; Charlene Tatman, Financial Services; Cynthia Trutt, Emergency Department.; Judith White, Physical Therapy; Eve Zahrndt, Center for Behavioral Health.

Five years - Ann Anderson, KCH Community Wellness; Lois Anderson, Laboratory; Rebecca Andrews, Diabetes Services; Mary Bail, Med/Surg/Peds.; Lori Behrens, Emergency Dept.; Ted Brock, Oncology; Charlotte Brockman, Sleep Lab; Gerald Brown, Housekeeping; Joseph Clark, Storeroom; Darcey Crouch-Schlieben, Emergency Department.; Gail Dobran, Health Information Management.; Timothy Dolan, Special Care; Nicole Fitzpatrick, Med/Surg/Peds.; Kristin Fowler, Ambulatory Care; Karla Garland, Laboratory; Diane Hance, DeKalb County Hospice; Valerie Hansen, First Impressions; Angela Hernandez, Med/Surg/Peds; Ruthann Joos, Health Information Management; Sharon Jourdain, Child Development Clinic; Christina Kasmar, Patient Scheduling; Helen Kempton, First Impressions; Sheree Komes, Shabbona Medical Clinic; Becky Kozlowski, Food & Nutrition Ser.; Margaret Link, Med/Surg/Peds.; Frank Lopez, Housekeeping; Ramona Lopez, Housekeeping,

Also Suzanne Mullis, House Supervision; Catherine Musil, First Impressions; Debra Myers, , Unlimited Performance; Jennifer Olsen, Operating Room; Deborah Paulin, Operating Room; Dana Pederson, Med/Surg/Peds; Jessica Perez, Med/Surg/Peds; Sheree Pinto, Unlimited Performance; Pamela Rogers, Patient Registration; Susan Roland, Health Information Management.; Lucinda Safford, First Impressions; Kenneth Schwiesow, Cardio Pulmonary; Renee Simons, Kishwaukee Health Foundation; Paul Springer, Maintenance; Benjamin Standish, Recreational Therapy; Janet Stein, First Impressions; Melissa Stevens, Unlimited Performance; Shirley Unger, Health Information Mgmt.; Craig Villacorta, Information Systems; Karen Wallin, Cardiac Rehab; Keri Weinmann, Med/Surg/Peds; Anthony Woodson, Emergency Dept.; Michelle Wylde, Unlimited Performance.

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