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Published on July 06, 2007

Korleski Becomes Certified Mammacare Breast Self-Examination Instructor

July 6, 2007

Carol Korleski, RNCarol Korleski, Radiology Technologist, at Kishwaukee Community Hospital has successfully completed the requirements to become a Certified MammaCare Breast Self-Examination Instructor.

MammaCare is the recognized standard for teaching and performing manual breast examination throughout the world. Women and clinicians properly trained in MammaCare have found breast cancers as small as 3 mm in diameter.

As a Certified MammaCare BSE Instructor, Korleski is authorized to teach MammaCare to women and interested health care professionals. She is also equipped to answer questions that patients have regarding breast exams. Korleski, the hospital’s lead mammography technologist has been doing mammograms at KCH for almost 28 years.

Regular selfbreast exams alert women to early changes in their breasts. Very few women have ever been taught the proper method of self breast exam or what a lump will feel like, says Deb Bemis, RN, Director of Oncology Services for KishHealth System. “We plan to offer MammaCare education to women as part of their mammogram at KCH. This is a great complement to our services for women’s health and screenings,” says Bemis.

Women can self-refer for their annual screening mammogram at Kishwaukee Community Hospital. A doctor’s order is not necessary, although a doctor’s name is required for receiving the report. Digital mammography will be available when the new hospital opens in October.

To schedule your annual mammogram, call OutPatient Scheduling at 815.748.2975.

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