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Published on June 06, 2008

KishHealth System Recognizes Employees for Excellence

June 6, 2008


KishHealth System recently presented Awards of Excellence at its annual Employee Recognition Dinner. 

Five awards recognized employees, teams or departments for demonstrated achievement toward the organizational goals of Service, People, Quality, Finance and Growth. 

A sixth award, the Karen Sepaniak KHS Spirit Award, recognized an employee who exemplifies professionalism, responsibility, positive attitude, communication and service to others.

Noah Nordbrock, senior designer in the KHS Marketing & Public Relations Department, received the Sepaniak award.

Karen Sepaniak was the first recipient of this award last year, initially called the Standards of Behavior Award.  She died of cancer last July after working nearly 40 years at Valley West Community Hospital in Sandwich. The award was renamed to celebrate and- honor the woman who knew how to do things only by going “above and beyond.” 

“Noah consistently demonstrates excellence in his work, and handles demands with grace, patience and confidence. He lives the standards of professionalism, responsibility, positive attitude, communication and service to others,” said Brad Copple, administrator for both Kishwaukee and Valley West Community Hospitals.

As is the nature of his position, many demands are placed on him with due dates often being “yesterday.” “He handles these demands with grace, poise, understanding, confidence and patience – with the “spirit” this award was designed to celebrate,” Copple said.

Diane Oltman-Wells, KCH lead receptionist, received the Service Pillar Award, which incorporates all aspects of customer service. 

“After the move to the new KCH, Diane  took on a new role – new to her and new to the organization. With these changes, she has truly found her niche; including working with the volunteers and TeenAge Group Service (TAGS),” said Kevin Poorten, KHS President and CEO.

“She has exceeded their expectations in training volunteers on service excellence, in helping to develop the TAGS customer service skills, and in role modeling the behaviors that drive goal achievement under the Service Pillar,” Poorten said.

Susan Aamodt (formerly Sue Martens), KCH night shift hospital supervisor, received the Quality Pillar Award, which encompasses goals that focus on creating a safe, clinically strong and effective environment for patients and staff.  “Susan demonstrates her sense of personal responsibility by keeping staff informed on nursing practice, policies and procedures; she often spots opportunities for improvement and acts a coach for clinical staff,” said Pamela Duffy, Vice President, Patient Care Services and Medical Staff Office.

Loretta Hendley, KCH Clinical Development Coordinator for Respiratory Therapy, received the People Pillar Award, which focuses on making KishHealth System a good place to work by the way people are treated.  “Loretta role models being a good listener and nonjudgmental and helping people think through tough situations,” said Health Bell, Vice President and Chief Information Office.  “Her contribution to the transition to the new hospital and on-going contributions to education and development for staff proved successful time and time again because of her people skills,” Bell said.

Judy Sulaver, KCH Ambulatory Surgery unit clerk, received the Finance Pillar Award, which incorporates goals that focus on operating margins, productivity, supply costs and revenue.   “In the past year, technology and processes changed dramatically in many areas.  Going “paperless” was a major adjustment. Judy went above and beyond by checking and double-checking charges on a daily basis. Her efforts significantly decreased occurrences of previously missed charges and increased accuracy in charges entered,” said Loren Foelske, Vice President, Finance.

The Valley West Community Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department received the Growth Pillar Award, which includes growing volumes, and increasing market share and revenue.

“The department saw volume growth in seven service areas and added new technology that enhances performance and stature in the community,” said Mike Kokott, Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Planning.  
“To meet the challenges of increasing demand for their services, staff adapted to new technology and worked to exceed patient, co-worker and physician expectations. They learned new modalities to meet the needs of requesting physicians and specialists, adjusted scheduling to allow more patients to be cared for,” Kokott said. 

John Cox, RN, KCH Emergency Department, also was recognized for receiving the most “Can Do Attitude” acknowledgements from colleagues and patients.

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