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Published on August 20, 2008

New Piece of Equipment Aid Physical Therapy Patients

August 20, 2008


Mike Andrews, Physical Therapist, KishHealth Family & Specialty Care in Genoa is excited to announce a new piece of equipment in the physical therapy facility.  

The Nautilus Freedom Trainer allows the user/patient to exercise any area of the body. The arms of the machine move nearly anywhere in space which allows for specific job simulation activities, better customization of exercises for various problems, and wheelchair accessibility.  

It is great for recovering athletes in specific sport simulation and is very helpful working with patients with balance deficits. It has the wonderful versatility to allow a patient to begin an exercise in a gravity eliminated position and progress to progressively more challenging and functional positions. It has a multi-angle bench to allow various body positions—prone, sitting, reclined sitting, and supine. One can quickly and easily switch the machine’s arm positions to perform different exercises. It offers resistance from 5 lbs to 80 lbs in 3.75 lb increments, and this can be made even less by adding small supplemental weights to the machine’s weight stack. The more creative the user, the more exercises can be done.  Mike said, “We currently have one patient using this machine. He loves it.  I am excited to begin using it more for people with balance deficits.”  

For more information call 815.784.2100, KishHealth Family & Specialty Care, 599 Pearson Drive, Genoa.

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