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Published on October 06, 2008

Valley West Rehabilitation Services

October 06, 2008

While many of us take everyday activities such as cooking a meal or buttoning a shirt for granted, they can be very difficult for someone who has suffered loss of function due to a serious injury, neurological disorder, disease or other medical problem. If you or a loved one has problems performing activities of daily life due to illness or injury, Valley West Rehabilitation Services can help. Valley West therapists work to restore lost function allowing individuals to become as self-sufficient as possible. 

Valley West Rehab Services’ therapists work with patients, family members, physicians and physical therapists to develop individualized treatment plans designed to help patients resume everyday activities. “We work together to establish realistic goals that help patients lead productive, independent and satisfying lives,” says Brad Jourdan, DPT, Manager of Valley West Rehab Services. 

Occupational, Physical and Speech/Language therapists work with people of all ages with impairments due to:

  • arthritis, cancer or other debilitating illnesses 
  • head or spinal cord injuries 
  • work or sports-related injuries 
  • stroke and other neurological conditions 

“There is more to rehabilitation than restoring function,” Jourdan explains. “It also involves helping patients overcome the emotional issues that often accompany a loss of function. We are especially sensitive to the stress and frustration often felt by patients and their families during the rehabilitative period.”

Valley West Rehabilitation therapists utilize a variety of treatment methods to:

  • Improve activities of daily living (feeding, dressing, grooming, homemaking, work and child care). 
  • Evaluate home and/or work environments and recommend adjustments. 
  • Provide daily living equipment to help people maintain their independence. 
  • Increase body functioning. 
  • Educate patients in proper body mechanics and energy conservation. 
  • Teach alternate ways of performing activities. 
  • Enhance coping and stress management skills. 
  • Improve quality of life through involvement in leisure activities and the utilization of community resources. 

“Our primary goal is to help patients return to a productive, happy lifestyle,” says Jourdan.

Valley West Rehabilitation Services are available in Sandwich and Yorkville. A physician’s order is required to schedule rehabilitation services. For more information about Valley West Rehab Services or to schedule an appointment, please call 815.786.8550.

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