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Published on March 26, 2009

Unlimited Performance Physical Therapists Attended Seminars

March 26, 2009 


Elzbieta Stolarski, PTA seminar entitled “Focus on SI Joint and Pelvis,” was attended by Elzbieta Stolarski, PT, from Unlimited Performance Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, on Feb. 20 at Rehab Connections in Homer Glen. The seminar helped her maximize her success in evaluating and treating sacroiliac and selective pelvic disorders. Participants of the seminar learned new techniques and refreshed their skills with effective and practical treatment techniques.

The presenter, Brian Trembly, PT, MS, OCS, MTC, a clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy, taught a systematic approach to examination during this interactive one-day course. Topics covered in the seminar were: review of lumbo-pelvic-hip anatomy, common pelvic/sacroiliac disorders, systematic examination and palpation to assist in differentiating between low back and SI/pelvic disorders. Management strategies and specific interventions included: myofascial mobilization, joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, self mobilization, lumbopelvic stabilization, patient education, and pelvic bracing.

Michele Wylde, PTUnlimited Performance staff member, Michele Wylde, PT, ATC, also of Unlimited Performance Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, attended a seminar on Feb. 18 in Bloomington presented by Jeannie Patton, M.A., an exercise physiologist. The seminar, entitled “Effective Techniques for Total Body Strengthening: The Physiology of Strength Training and Program Design,” helped participants identify when and where stress can occur during common exercises, they discussed modifications to minimize stresses and develop strength training programs for various goals and populations, such as children, gastric bypass and cancer recovery. 

The one-day seminar covered “advances in technology have made our lives more convenient and, unfortunately, more sedentary. As a result, Americans are losing strength and range of motion at an alarming rate. This is particularly true of aging Americans. Studies indicate that Americans are becoming less functional at younger and younger ages due to lack of fitness, obesity and lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Many rehab professionals may not be fully aware of strength training techniques and cautions which could ultimately benefit their patients and clients.”

The staff at Unlimited Performance continually strives to improve its knowledge and skills in order to better serve the needs of its patients. Unlimited Performance Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine is located at 2111 Midlands Ct., Sycamore. For more information, call 815.748.8900.

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