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Published on June 18, 2009

Healthcare Scholarships Awarded at Kish Hospital

June 18, 2009 

The Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary and The Kishwaukee Health Foundation have awarded nineteen DeKalb County students with healthcare scholarships totaling $24,400 for the 2009-2010. The winners’ names were announced on June 2, the Annual Meeting of the Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary, held in the KCH Roberts Conference Center. President Lesley Clements Gilbert presided over the event.

The Virginia Larsen Nursing Scholarships were awarded to Deirdre Galitz (Kishwaukee College), Jessica Noll (NIU), and Rana Sager (NIU). 

Receiving the Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships were Stephen Ackah (NIU Nursing), Jessica Barber, (KC Radiologic Technology), Kelli Blakemore (NIU Nursing), Stacy Canty (NIU Nursing), Stacey Dreska (NIU Nursing), *Krystle Forsyth (KC Nursing), and Jessica Gudmunson (NIU Registered Dietician).

Also recognized were Laura Hicks (KC Nursing), Jessica Louis (Carroll University Nursing), *Melanie Mackeben (U of I Community Health), Laura McPartland (KC Nursing), *Tara Kersten Mencias (Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee MD), Amber Mikulski (KC Radiologic Tech) Jenna Lynn Myers (NIU Nursing), Natalie Sgarlata (U of I MD) and Karin Stokke (Des Moines University DO).

Two additional scholarships presented were the KCH Physician’s Medical Education Scholarship and the James J. Feeney, MD, Memorial Scholarship, both awarded to Anna Booth. Anna will be pursuing her MD at Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia.

The Floann and Hallie Hamilton Diagnostic Imaging Scholarship was awarded to Jessica Barber who is majoring in Radiologic Technology at Kishwaukee College. The Auxiliary Scholarship Committee selected the Auxiliary Scholarships, the Virginia Larsen Nursing Scholarships and the KCH Physician’s Medical Education Scholarships were selected by the Auxiliary Committee. Cheryl Lorden, Chair, was assisted by Sally Brotcke, Cherie Recchia, and Emerson Wells.  

Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients.

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