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Published on December 01, 2009

KishHealth Announces Promotions and Reorganization

December 1, 2009

Brad Copple has been named President of Kishwaukee and Valley West Community Hospitals and Michael Muzzillo has been named Vice President of Operations for Valley West as part of a reorganization of the KishHealth System senior management team.

The reorganization, which also includes two new senior management positions, better defines and separates hospital and health system responsibilities, said Kevin Poorten, President and CEO of KishHealth System. The health system Board of Directors approved the changes Nov. 25.

The two new KishHealth System positions are Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Human Resources.

“Brad’s new title is a reflection of his duties as the primary executive overseeing Kish and Valley West. It’s also indicative of his 21 years with the health system, his growth, knowledge, and contributions to the organization,” Poorten said.

“This move creates a better delineation between hospital activities and health system responsibilities,” he said.

Copple said he is appreciative of the board’s support for the reorganization.

“Having grown up in Sycamore, I am very proud to work for an organization that has had such a significant impact on our communities. I look forward to all the work ahead of us at Kish and Valley West as we continue to improve and enhance services. throughout our region.” 

Copple as held several senior management positions within the health system for the past 20 years. He has been the administrator of Kish Hospital since 1998, and administrator for both Valley West in Sandwich and Kish since 2002.

Muzzillo has a long history of service to the Sandwich hospital that spans 45 years, first working for a private laboratory that covered Sandwich Community Hospital and then becoming the hospital’s chief medical technologist. SandwichCommunity Hospital changed its name to Valley West Community Hospital and became a part of KishHealth System in 1998. Muzzillo has been the hospital’s assistant administrator since 2002.

Mark Thate, KishHealth System Director of Human Resource for almost 11 years, has been promoted to Vice President of Human Resources.

“This move makes our key human resources executive part of the senior management team, which underscores the priority this organization and the board of directors place on ‘human capital,’” said Poorten.

 In addition, a Chief Medical Officer is being added to the senior management team. This position, approved by the Board earlier this year, is expected to be filled by the spring.  Candidate interviews will begin in January.

The Chief Medical Officer, who will be a physician, will report to Poorten and will be the liaison between the Board, administration and the medical staff. Other responsibilities will be overseeing and coordinating medical staff quality improvement initiatives and facilitating federal healthcare reform mandates.

Michael Cullen, KishHealth System Board Chair, said the senior management reorganization, will allow Poorten to focus more of his attention on fostering external and strategic relationships and managing the expanding responsibilities and knowledge base required of health system board members.

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