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Published on June 01, 2010

KishHealth System Recognizes Achievements

June 1, 2010 


KishHealth System recognized 159 dedicated employees at the recent Employee Recognition Dinner held at NIU’s Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center. Employees were recognized for service of 5 to 45 years. The recognized employees’ represent 1,865 years of service with the health system.

One employee, Donna Newsom of Kishwaukee Community Hospital’s Laboratory was recognized for 45 years of service. She began her career in the lab as a high school student in 1964 at DeKalb Public Hospital and has experienced each building move since then.

Donna Newsom of Kish Hospital’s Laboratory

Donna Newsom of Kish Hospital’s Laboratory was recognized recently for 45 years of

Two employees, Faye Allen of Kish Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab and Anna Barnes of Kish Hospital’s Maternity Suites (now retired), were recognized for 40 years of service.

Two individuals were recognized for 35 years of service: Marilyn Hamilton of Kish Cardiac Lab and Delores Werner of Valley West Community Hospital’s Patient Access.

Seven individuals were recognized for 30 years of service: Christine Crane, Kish  Maternity Suites; Sandra Freewalt, KishHealth Accounting; Carol Korleski, Kish  Mammography; Lois Lathrop, Kish Maternity Suites, Lisa Nelson, Kish Med/Surg/Telemetry/Peds unit; Debra Scott, Kish Emergency Department; and Kathy Wagner, Valley West Ambulatory Services.

Six individuals marked 25 years of service: Candie Brock, Kish Patient Accounts; Kathy Green, Kish Transportation Services; Jody Harding, Kish Maternity Suites; Susan McFarland, Kish Health Information Management; Colleen Paulsen, Valley West Maternity Suites; and Linda Floyd, Valley West Ambulatory Services.

Also recognized at the event were:

For 20 years: Joseph Goff, Valley West  Laboratory; Cindy Graves, Kish and Valley West Emergency Departments; Deana Kail, Valley West Intensive Care Unit; Bonnie Keys, Kish  Ambulatory Services; Cheryl Moberg, Kish Med/Surg; and Jill Murray, Valley West Patient Accounts;

Also, Kay Nelson, Valley West Diagnostic Imaging; Kathleen Perkins, Hauser-Ross Patient Services; Janice Ramme, Valley West Maternity Suites; Lynda Rolczynski, Kish Diagnostic Imaging; Susanne Russell, Kish Cath Lab; Darlene Sigrist, Valley West Patient Access; Linda Stahl, Valley West  Operating Room; and Vicki Velez, Kish Pharmacy.

For 15 years: Lisa Ackland, Kish Surgical Services; Judith Bergsmith, Kish Maternity Suites; Janey Ciontea, Valley West Diagnostic Imaging; Jennifer Dayton, Kish Med/Surg Tele/Peds; Terri Eul, Kish  Endoscopy; Lynne Gruenwald, Kish Laboratory; Teresa Holliday, Kish and Valley West Infection Control; Jan Larson, Kish Health Information Management; and Jane Legorreta, Kish  Food & Nutrition Services.

Also, Laura Lemons, Kish Laboratory; Claudia Little, Kish  Patient Access; Julain Maki, Kish  Ambulatory Services; Roxanne Patterson, Hauser-Ross Optical Shop; Lisa Saitta, Valley West Patient Access; Barbara Schultz, Kish  Medical Oncology; Bryan Taylor, Kish Operating Room; Cynthia Tucker, Kish Rehab Services; and Anju Vohra, Kish  Cardiac Lab.

For 10 years: Audre Anderson, DeKalb County Hospice; Brandi Arhos, Kish Operating Room; Marla Barresi, Kish Community Wellness; Angela Bogle, Kish  Med/Surg; Beth Busching, Kish Community Wellness; Shannon Butler, Kish Intensive Care Unit; Deborah Callister, Kish  Laboratory; and Lisa Campbell, Kish Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Also, Sharon Campbell, Kish Operating Room; Jane Cardiff-Royalty, Kish Operating Room; Susan Clifford, Kish Diabetes Services; Cheryl Fisher, Kish and Valley West Nursing Administration; Lacinda Hansen, Waterman medical clinic; Valerie Heintz, DeKalb County Hospice; Teresa Hunter, Valley West Emergency Department; and Sandra Jackson, Kish Call Center.

Also, Lynn Johnson, DeKalb County Hospice; Philip Johnson, KishHealth Accounting; Greg Katsion, Kish Pharmacy; Erin Kersten, KishHealth Human Resources; Paul Madden, Kish Laboratory; Patricia Miller, Valley West Health Information Management; Lavon Mook, KishHealth Patient Accounts; Brenda Norton, Kish Diagnostic Imaging; and Lynn Olson, Valley West Recovery Room.

Also, Tammy Overton, Kish Unlimited Performance; Catalina Paramo, Kish Housekeeping; Julie Pasch, Hauser-Ross Patient Services; Linda Peaslee, Kish Call Center; Lynelle Pekoc, Valley West Sterile Processing; Jodi Peterson-Diehl, Kish Medical Oncology; Joyce Robinson, Valley West Laboratory; and Marjorie Secrest, Kish Health Information Management.

Also, Dana Siener, Valley West Hospital Supervisor; Kelly Sievers, Kish Health Info Management; Beverly Szymanski, DeKalb County Hospice; Dr. Thomas Tilton, Hauser-Ross Physician; Cameron Wiegartz, KishHealth Information Systems; Marcia Wittke, Valley West Diagnostic Imaging; and Jessica Wynn, Kish Intensive Care Unit.

For 5 years: Stephen Ackah, Kish Pharmacy; Samantha Akers, Valley West Laboratory; Amy Anderson, Kish Med/Surg/Tele/Peds; Patricia Anderson, Kish Med/Surg; Erica Barnes, Kish Social Services; Lola Bauer, Kish Maternity Suites; Suzanne Berg, Kish Purchasing & Stores; and Heidi Bergman, Kishwaukee Corporate Health.

Also, Anna Boschini, Kish Patient Access; Kendra Braheny, Kishwaukee Corporate Health; Laurie Brown, Kish Recovery Room; Lisa Buczkowski, Kish Pain Clinic; Margaret Burks, Kish Clinical Resource Center; Jennifer Campbell, Kish Maternity Suites; Danielle Clifford, Valley West Ambulatory Services; and Lisa Cole, Kish Maternity Suites.

Also, Angela Corbett, Kish Patient Accounts; Ellen Cowles, Kish Receptionist; Jennifer Dietrich, Kish Purchasing & Stores; Terri Doty, Kish Operating Room; Sheri Dubeau, Kish Patient Access; Susan Dunlop, Kish Diabetes Services; Karen Ellis, Kish Call Center; Karen Ferguson-Huff, Kish Call Center; and Latehesha Fitch, Valley West Social Services.

Also, Cynthia Fox, Valley West Emergency Department; Robert Frey, Kish Operating Room; Kristen Goldsmith, Valley West Maternity Suites; Blanca Gonzalez, Valley West Housekeeping; Robin Griffin, Kish Community Wellness; Eric Griffiths, Kish Food & Nutrition Services; and Lisa Harris, Kish Recovery Room.

Also, Christy Haug, Kish Med/Surg; Vicke Heins, Kish Volunteer Services; Nora Hemmingsen, Valley West Med/Surg; Loretta Hendley, Kish Cardio Pulmonary; Joseph Herrmann, Kish EMS; Donna Hintzsche, KishHealth Employee Health; Kari James, Kish Laboratory; Rose Jones, KishHealth Information Systems; and Zachary Jones, Kish Physical Therapy.

Also, Karen Kowalski, Kish Hospital’s Peds/Tele; Jaime Kramer, Valley West Operating Room; Kelly Krebs, Kish Tele/Peds; Diane Lee, Kish Med/Surg; Judith Lines, KishHealth Patient Accounts; Kay Loch, DeKalb County Hospice; Joann Lowe, Kish Cardio Pulmonary; Rebecca Maier, Kish Emergency Department; and Nicole Milholland, Kish Massage Therapy.

Also, Kathleen Montag, Kish Emergency Department; Lynette Morris, Kish Medical Oncology; Brian Paull, Valley West Food & Nutrition Services; Heather Paulson, Kish Tele/Peds; Beth Raetzke, Kish Operating Room; Susan Rankin, DeKalb County Hospice; Stefanie Roberts, Kish Health Information Management; and Diane Rogers, Valley West Intensive Care Unit.

Also, Althea Russell, Valley West Maternity Suites; Kathryn Schultz, Kish Pain Clinic; Maribeth Sprinkle, Kish Laboratory; Troy Stringer, Kish Cardio Pulmonary; Leann Stuehler, Hampshire Physical Therapy; Elizabeth Todd, Kish Med/Surg; Stacey Vera, Kish Cardio Pulmonary; Bridgette Vintika, Kish Health Information Management. Teresa Wagner, Kishwaukee Corporate Health; Brian Wittenberg, Kish Diagnostic Imaging; and Paula Zielke, Valley West Operating Room.

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