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Published on February 02, 2011

Valley West Community Hospital Opens News Sleep Lab

February 2, 2011

Valley West Community Hospital is proud to announce the opening of its Sleep Disorders Center. The sleep center provides patients with a complete overnight evaluation and all related services to diagnose and treat their sleep disorders, help improve their quality of life and achieve restful, restorative sleep.

“Many people believe that poor sleep is a normal part of aging, but it is not. In fact, many healthy older adults report few or no sleep problems. Sleep patterns change as we age, but disturbed sleep and waking up tired every day are not part of normal aging,” says Mike Muzzillo, Vice President of Operations at Valley West. “That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to bring this service to the community.”    

If you are often tired during the day and don't feel that you sleep well, you should discuss this with your doctor or healthcare provider. Primary care providers can prescribe sleep studies that diagnose sleep disorders and offer suggestions and treatments that can improve your sleep.

Once a patient’s sleep disorder is treated other health issues become easier to manage. Ninety percent of sleep disorders go undiagnosed and can lead to much more serious health problems, including heart disease, which has a 38 percent correlation to obstructive sleep apnea. 

The Sleep Disorders Center is operated by America’s Sleep Network, Inc., under the direction of Valley West Community Hospital staff. The program began October 15. “The Valley West Sleep Disorders Center provides a comfortable, serene atmosphere so patients feel as if they’re in their own bedroom,” says Respiratory Therapist Glenn Podzimek, manager of the Valley West Sleep Disorder Center. “Our patients enjoy a state of the art diagnostic test while sleeping in a comfortable room in a queen sized bed.” 

The Sleep Disorders Center is located at 11 Pleasant Avenue, Sandwich, directly inside of Valley West Community Hospital. A public open house is scheduled on Tuesday, March 15, from 3-6 pm. For more information please call the Valley West Sleep Disorder Center at 815.277.3979 or toll free at 888-SLEEP-77.

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