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Published on April 07, 2011

Kish Hospital Implements New Lift Equipment for Safe Patient Handling

April 7, 2011 

Staff members at Kishwaukee Community Hospital are training and are implementing a state-of-the-art lift program that saves healthcare workers from injuring themselves during patient care, while providing safer lift situations for patients needing transport. 

The program is designed to decrease manual lifting and the repositioning of patients, thus reducing strain and back injuries while also reducing risk of injuries to patients and employees. The Safe Patient Handling program uses hydraulic equipment and strong fabric tools to ensure patient and staff safety by easing patient movements and transfers. The equipment increases employee retention and recruitment, while increasing patient safety by reducing injuries related to relocation, skin shear, and pressure ulcers. 

“Our vision is to create the safest hospital for both patients and employees,” said Shelly Johnson, Director of Employee Health for KishHealth System. “We see the injuries come through our department and see how devastating and hindering an injury can be from moving patients. We’re all required to work longer into our lives now, and we need to ensure our aging bodies are able to tolerate our life’s passion of caring for others,” Johnson said. 

The Safe Patient Handling program incorporates the hydraulic and fabric lifting tools by Diligent Services with extensive staff education and training. Tools include hydraulic machines called Tenor, Sara Plus, MaxiMove, MaxiLite, and Stedy that are used to lift patients from beds and chairs from a variety of positions. A strong cloth fabric called a MaxiSlide also is used to easily shift and move patients. A Hover Mat that incorporates air technology similar to an air hockey machine also is available in some areas.

“We’re reducing the amount of injuries for our staff, but we also are creating a better patient experience in many cases,” Johnson said. 

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