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Published on May 24, 2011

KishHealth System Honors Employees for Years of Service

May 24, 2011 

Jan Seldal

Jan Seldal celebrated 45 years
as an employee of Kishwaukee
Community Hospital at the
recent ninth annual KishHealth 
System Employee Recognition

In 1966, a gallon of gas was 32 cents and the average cost of a new home was $23,300. The world has changed dramatically in the last 45 years. But one thing that has remained constant is the employment of Jan Seldal with Kishwaukee Community Hospital. Seldal, patient relations and posting clerk for the Kish Hospital Business Office, was recognized for her 45 years of service at the recent ninth annual KishHealth System Employee Recognition Banquet.

Seldal is one of a handful of employees who have worked in all three DeKalb hospitals, beginning with DeKalb Public Hospital in 1966. The first Kish Hospital opened in 1975 and the replacement hospital in 2007. Seldal’s other positions during the past 45 years have included switchboard operator, registration clerk, Medicare/insurance biller, bookkeeper, data processer, and Business Office manager and supervisor.

Linda Fruit, medical technologist for Valley West Community Hospital, was recognized for 35 years of service. All told, 146 health system employees were recognized for a total of 1,550 years of service. 

Fruit has worked in all phases of the Valley West Laboratory since she was first hired in 1975 as a certified laboratory assistant. In 1983, she became medical technologist, with an emphasis in the last 15 years, of working primarily in the Histology Department. 

Other employees were recognized for 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 years of service.

30 years:  Margaret Dohnalik, Community Wellness Coordinator, Community Wellness Department, Kish Hospital; Nancy Jones, Registered Nurse, Pre-op Nursing, Kish Hospital; Karen Rouse, Director of Outpatient Clinics, Kish Hospital; Suzanne Ryder, OB Reception/Unit Clerk, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; and Mary Tabone, Section Leader, Laboratory, Kish Hospital.

25 years:  Shirley Balika, Supervisor, Medical Arts Lab Supervisor; Elizabeth Faivre, EMT & Community Training Center Coordinator, EMS; Dorothy Gibbens, Radiology Clerical Assistant, Diagnostic Imaging, Kish Hospital; Teresa Schofield, CT Technologist, Diagnostic Imaging, Kish Hospital; and Laura Sykes, Assistant Practice Administrator, Hauser-Ross Eye Institute.

20 years:  Deborah Bavido, Pain Clinic, Kish HospitalCarolee DeBall, Call Center, Kish HospitalMicki Espinoza, Food & Nutrition Services, Valley WestJudith C. Goodwick, Laboratory, Valley WestBeth Johnson, Ambulatory Surgery, Kish HospitalHolly McMaster, Pharmacy, Kish HospitalLynette Swedberg, Employee Assistance Program, Kish Hospital; and Carrie Tucker, Administration, KishHealth System.

15 years: Carolyn Acosta, EMS, Kish Hospital; Diane Ashley, Health Info Mgmt, KishHealth SystemMary Black, Hospital Supervisors, Valley WestKimberly Bourdages, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Daryl Burtzos, Pharmacy, Kish Hospital; Barbara Chennell, Patient Accounts, Kish Hospital; Pamela Duffy, Administration, KishHealth System; Erna Erlenbach, Call Center, Kish Hospital; Teresa Farris, Clinical Resource Center, Kish Hospital; and Diane Fuchs, Ambulatory Services, Valley West.

Jean Hawkins, Operating Room, Kish Hospital; Daniel Hindman, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Lisa Kiepert, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Jill Klecka, Ambulatory Services, Kish Hospital; Mary Lovejoy, Child Development Center, Kish Hospital; Juliana Mackey, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; Dawn McCoy, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Rosa Mendoza, Interpreters, Kish Hospital; Becky Metcalf, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Diane Miller, Health Info Mgmt, Kish Hospital; Suzanne Vanderheyden, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; and Kimberly Volk, EAP, Kish Hospital.

10 years: Lola Bauer, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Mary Bilek, Patient Access, Valley West;
Terri Bradburn, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Patrick Busch, Information Systems, KishHealth System; Tina Chesser, Diabetes Services, Kish Hospital; Elaine Davis, Endoscopy, Kish Hospital; Star Diedrich, Ambulatory Services, Kish Hospital; Megan Diss, Health Info Mgmt, Kish Hospital; Carol Donnelly, Operating Room, Kish Hospital; Kathryn Eckman, Information Systems, KishHealth System; and Steven Ernest, EMS, Kish Hospital.

Nicole Fitzpatrick, Tele/Peds, Kish Hospital; Kelly Hagelstein, Pharmacy, Kish Hospital; John Hanson, Housekeeping, Kish Hospital; Amanda Harms, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Carol Hecathorn, Health Info Mgmt, Kish Hospital; Kathleen Holtz, Call Center, Kish Hospital; Allison Johnson, Medical Oncology, Kish Hospital; Helen Kempton, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Angela Kennedy, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; June Mitchell, Health Info Mgmt, Valley West; Patricia Mitchell, Continuity of Care, Kish Hospital; and Marrena Olsen, EMS, Kish Hospital.

Jessica Romero, Information Systems, Kish Hospital; Nancy Rumler, Health Info Mgmt, Valley West; Teresa Russell, Recovery Room, Valley West; Susan Siener, Purchasing/Stores, KishHealth System; Joni Simone, Diagnostic Imaging, Kish Hospital; Diane Sipe, Housekeeping, Kish Hospital; Daniel Smith, Cardio Pulmonary, Kish Hospital; Janet Sofranko, Auxiliary Gift Shop, Kish Hospital; Maureen Stone, Med/Surg, Kish Hospital; Rhonda Sullivan, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Jill Vassilogambros, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Regina Watts, Laboratory, Valley West; Steven Wolf, Professional Practice, Valley West; and Sharon Zahlman Young, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital.

5 years:  Jose Acosta, Maintenance, Kish Hospital; Kathleen Amendt, Kishwaukee Corporate Health; Kellie Antich, Operating Room, Valley West; Amanda Arnold, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital; Debra Baert, EMS, Kish Hospital; Angel Baker, Diagnostic Imaging, Kish Hospital; Georgina Barraza, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Laren Barron, Med/Surg, Kish Hospital; Jacqueline Beck, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; Heath Bell, Administration, KishHealth System; Debra Bemis, Oncology Services, KishHealth System; Terri Bogden, Maternity Suites, Valley West; and Luke Brauweiler, Maintenance, Valley West.

Catherine Brunswick, Emergency Department, Valley West; Jennifer Butler, Physical Therapy, Kish Hospital; Sharon Chyson, Accounting, KishHealth System; Traca Crowley, Medical Oncology, Kish Hospital; Leslie Doran, Recovery Room, Kish Hospital; Dorothy Eberhardt, Accounting, KishHealth System; Katie Eich, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Rebecca Englehart, Med/Surg, Valley West; Tina Foster-Bergbauer, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; Rachel French, Pharmacy, Valley West; Bianca Gilbert, Housekeeping, Valley West; Flor Gutierrez, Housekeeping, Kish Hospital; and Katie Haley, Receptionist, Kish Hospital.

Nicole Hiatt, Ambulatory Services, Kish Hospital; Tiffany Hohmann, Diagnostic Imaging, Valley West; Bonnie Johnson, Diagnostic Imaging, Kish Hospital; Mark Jourdan, Maintenance, Valley West; Stacy Jungkans, Maternity Suites, Valley West; Anita Killey, Med/Surg, Valley West; Dana King, Marketing & PR, KishHealth System; Mary Klein, Med/Surg, Kish Hospital; Theresa Komitas, Marketing & PR, KishHealth System; Toby Krupa, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Jill Lanterman, Operating Room, Kish Hospital; Kimberly Larson, Diagnostic Imaging, Valley West; Angela Lehman, Hauser-Ross Patient Services; Cathy Lindhout, Emergency Department, Valley West; Zita Listy, Transportation Services, Kish Hospital; Angelica Lopez, Interpreters, Valley West; and Melissa Lueth, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital.

Joyce Maldonado, Hospital Supervisors, Valley West; Nicholle Martinez, Laboratory, Valley West; Claudia Melendez-Oliveros, Transportation Services, Kish Hospital; Bonnie Miller, Housekeeping, Kish Hospital; Jill Misitano, Med/Surg, Kish Hospital; Krista Naftzger, Medical Oncology, Kish Hospital; Susan Nicholson, Purchasing & Stores, Kish Hospital; Gabriela Ortiz, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Anne Ostdick, EMS, Kish Hospital; William Pesel, Hospital Supervisors, Valley West; Lori Peterson, Administration, Valley West; Lacey Ragsdale, Health Info Mgmt, Kish Hospital; and Ana Rondon-Thomas, Cardio Pulmonary, Kish Hospital.

Terri Skora, Social Services, Kish Hospital; Dana Smid, Diagnostic Imaging, Kish Hospital; Kathreen Smith, Health Info Mgmt, Kish Hospital; Bridget Starks, Massage Therapy, Kish Hospital; John Stiely, Diagnostic Imaging, Valley West; Molly Stoffa, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Holly Wallace, Diagnostic Imaging, Valley West; Steve Wallin, Purchasing/Stores, Kish Hospital; Alicia Watson, Business Development, KishHealth System; Kimberly Winstead, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; and Joy Zimmer, EAP, Kish Hospital.

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