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Published on June 10, 2011

Anju Vohra Accepts New Position in Kish Hospital's Cardiology Lab

June 10, 2011 

Anju VohraAnju Vohra of Sycamore is working in a new role as technical director for Echocardiography, a new position for Kishwaukee Community Hospital, and yet another step in the advancement of Cardiac Services. In this supervisory role, Vohra oversees the daily technical operations of the Cardiac Echocardiography Lab.

Vohra, who has served the hospital in several capacities over the years, said, “Being a part of the health system for the past 16 years gives me a clear understanding of the critical mission of the hospital. I am proud of my professional journey from an aide to the position of the technical director of Echocardiography.” 

Vohra has been at the forefront in getting the most modern advancements to Kish Hospital’s Cardiology Lab, which uses the most up to date technology available to ensure the highest quality of patient care. She said, “Cardiologists working in the lab are exceptionally qualified and demand the highest quality. The support provided by the cardiologists and their long term association with Kish Hospital is a testament to the superior work being done in the Cardiology Lab.” 

Echocardiogram is a non-invasive and extremely useful test to study the heart’s anatomy. This test is performed by well-trained cardiac sonographers and interpreted by cardiologists.

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