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Published on December 01, 2011

Expansion Planned for Kishwaukee Community Hospital

December 1, 2011 


Although Kishwaukee Community Hospital just celebrated the fourth year in its new facility, growth has prompted the need for expansion of the Emergency Room and second floor Maternity Suites. Construction began Dec. 1. 

“Since opening the hospital in 2007, there have been times when demand has outpaced capacity in both areas,” said Brad Copple, hospital president.  “But in the past two years, we have seen the frequency of those occasions increase, prompting the need for more space.  

“We keep a close eye on patient waiting times in the Emergency Room, and they have been increasing.  We believe the addition will help reduce the time that a patient has to wait before seeing a physician,” Copple said. 

He added that six years ago, when KishHealth System received state approval for the new hospital, the state’s certificate of need requirements did not allow for much upsizing based on population growth and increased utilization.

“For that reason, we designed the new hospital with future expansion in mind. This new construction is in line with those design features and is another step in the health system’s continuous efforts to improve patient care.  Because of the existing design features, we can do this expansion with minimal disruption of services,” Copple said.

Expansion representation of the Emergency Room and second floor Maternity Suites

The Emergency Department will get six more treatment bays, bringing its current number from 15 to 21. “The goal is to improve patient satisfaction by accommodating more patients and reducing wait times,” said Dr. Andrew Oleksyn, administrative ER medical director. 

To accommodate the growing number of patients delivering babies, four private rooms primarily dedicated to C-section postpartum recovery will be added. An operating room also will be added to Maternity Suites, reserved mainly for scheduled and emergency C-sections.

Dr. Bryan Kruskol, the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology chair said, “The labor and delivery staff and the OB medical staff are excited to expand the number of our maternity rooms so we can continue to offer patients a smooth and safe transition from labor to delivery to post partum recovery.”

The expansion should be completed by the fall of 2012.

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