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Published on February 08, 2012

DeKalb Cancer Center Provides Lower Dose PET/CT

February 8, 2012 

PET/CT RoomThe Cancer Center at Kishwaukee Community Hospital in DeKalb is the only facility in Northern Illinois outside of Chicago using leading edge PET/CT technology that allows reduction of radiation dosage without sacrificing image quality the dose-on-demand PET injector.

The Medrad dose-on-demand PET injector automatically calculates and administers the radiation dose based on a patient's weight.

"A six-month study of patient doses before and after the Medrad injector was installed, shows the average dose was reduced by 22.4% while maintaining a high level of image clarity," said Kishwaukee Community Hospital Radiologist Joseph Kmiecik, MD, PhD.

Dr. Sabet Siddiqui, director of Medical Oncology for The Cancer Center, said, "For some types of cancer, patients may need a PET/CT scan every three months to determine how the tumor is responding to treatment. Over the course of treatment, this reduction in radiation exposure can be quite significant for the patient."

Kishwaukee Community Hospital opened a new freestanding cancer center in November 2011. "The availability of this dose reduction technology is motivating patients to travel to DeKalb for their PET/CTs," Dr. Siddiqui said.

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