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Published on February 09, 2012

Kish Hospital Laboratory Honors Employees of the Year

February 9, 2012

Heather Larsen

Heather Larsen

Heather Larsen and Lisa Kiepert have been honored by Kishwaukee Community Hospital’s Laboratory as the 2012 employees of the year. The award recipients are nominated by their peers and then selected by a review committee of the laboratory’s director and supervisors. Nominations are required to include a paragraph with specific examples of the employees’ good behaviors and values exhibited on the job. Winners are chosen based on the number of nominations and the reasons given. This is the third year of the annual awards.

Heather Larsen has been chosen as Kish Hospital's Phlebotomist of the Year. A nominator said, “Heather makes the change of shift pleasant because she comes in ready to work. Heather has one of the best personalities in the lab. She is bright, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, and above all, puts the patients first. I always feel confident that if Heather was involved with something it was done correctly. She is a great example of positivity."

Heather worked for Kish Hospital, starting in 2001, as a phlebotomist for five and a half years, returning last year in January. Heather said, "I have really enjoyed working at Kish Hospital and am honored my co-workers picked me for Phlebotomist of the Year. Thank you all very much!"

Lisa Kiepert

Lisa Kiepert

Lisa Kiepert has been selected as Kish Hospital's Lab Tech of the Year. A nominator said, "Lisa is the first person to jump on board and try to make improvements in the lab. She is a great mentor and very knowledgeable. Lisa is very dedicated to this lab and deserves to be recognized for her hard work. Lisa is a great leader and micro section head. She is always willing to help anyone who needs it. She never seems too busy to ask a question or to help resolve an issue."

Lisa has been a lab tech for 20 years, 16 at Kish Hospital. Lisa said, "I have witnessed the huge growth that this facility has and is experiencing and it is exciting. I admire the commitment that this institution, the doctors, and staff are making to the community. I am blessed to be surrounded by a group of techs, phlebotomists, processors, and secretarial staff who exhibit the values of Kish Hospital. Everyone is deserving of recognition for all the hard work."

Dorrie Kasmar, administrative director of Kish Hospital’s Lab, said, "This is such an important award for us because the winners are primarily selected by their peers. It is rewarding to read the nominations and hear all the good things that the staff members are doing for patients and each other." She added, "Their nominations reflect the high values they hold for the work that they do. The winners have their pictures posted in the department and they receive an award certificate and a gift certificate."

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