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Published on March 02, 2012

Kish Hospital Laboratory Accepts Check from Heartland Blood Centers

March 2, 2012

Kish Hospital Laboratory accepts check from Heartland Blood Center

Heartland Blood Centers CEO Dennis Mestrich
(far left) presents a check to Dr. Krishna Reddy,
chief pathologist and medical director of Kish
Hospital’s Laboratory. Next to Dr. Reddy is Dorrie
Kasmar, administrative director of the lab; Kari
James, Kish Hospital’s Blood Bank section head;
Loren Foelske, vice president of Finance; and Joe
Dant, vice president of Business Development,
KishHealth System.

Heartland Blood Centers has presented a check to Kishwaukee Community Hospital’s blood bank totaling $3,145 in recognition of the number of hospital blood donations in 2011. With every 10 units of blood collected at the hospital’s drives, the hospital receives one unit of credit. Last year, Kish Hospital had the third highest donations for Heartland’s region. The hospital Auxiliary hosts public blood drives four times per year.

Dorrie Kasmar, administrative director of Kish Hospital’s Laboratory, said, "Heartland has been a great blood center to work with over the years. This new program is a fantastic expression of their dedication to our community and our blood product needs."

Last year alone, the demand for blood and blood components from Kish Hospital's Laboratory equaled about 2,700 units. These blood products are supplied to the lab by Heartland Blood Center in Aurora. The Auxiliary's blood drives help replenish blood supplies used at the hospital.

Paula von Ende, Volunteer Services director, attributes the dedication of volunteers for the success of the blood drives. She said, "Kish Hospital's volunteers provide valuable service for every drive, registering donors, monitoring crowds, and serving refreshments to each donor to replenish the fluids and nutrients lost in the pint of blood. Without these volunteers, Kish Hospital's blood drives would not be possible. The volunteers who help are a very committed group who return for every blood drive," she said.

Heartland Blood Center Blood DriveThe Auxiliary’s blood drive Feb. 29, for Heart Month generated 54 donation, double from last year’s February drive. The next hospital blood drive is May 2. More information is available at Heartland Blood Centers by visiting

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