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Published on March 28, 2012

Kish Hospital Welcomes New Readmissions Coordinator

March 28, 2012

Jennifer Renfer, RNKish Hospital welcomes Jennifer Renfer, RN, to a new position as the readmissions coordinator. The creation of the readmissions coordinator position is another step in Kish Hospital’s commitment to quality care for its patients. Renfer, previously a nurse on Y1, Kish Hospital’s medical/surgical floor, is now a patient advocate and a resource for patients. Her role is to assure patients understand their post-discharge education and have all of the things they will need when they are discharged from the hospital. Renfer is also available if they have questions or concerns about their care after they go home.

Her primary focus is to keep each patient on the road to recovery by empowering him or her to continue care at home, through education and post-discharge follow up. Renfer said, “My goal is to keep patients from frequent, preventable, and costly hospital stays by giving them the tools, information, and resources they can use in their home settings.” Renfer is currently developing the initial phases of a program that will include meeting with physicians and their staff to optimize patients’ post-discharge care through timely follow up visits, working with area nursing homes and home health agencies, and inpatient education classes and materials for patients and their family members. She believes this program will make a positive impact on patients, their families, the hospital, and the community.

Renfer said, “This position comes naturally for me because I have always lived, valued, and promoted a healthy lifestyle. I am very excited about the vast possibilities that this program holds for the future of patients here at the hospital and I have great expectations that it will not only benefit patients, but also the hospital and the community.”

Renfer has worked in a hospital setting for most of her 21-year career. “This job allows me to experience a new perspective of patient care and is a way to touch the patients’ lives to help them stay on the right track after leaving the hospital,” she added.

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