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Published on April 25, 2012

Emergency Department and Maternity Suites Expansion Ahead of Schedule

April 25, 2012 

Cindy Graves, director of Emergency Services for KishHealth System

Cindy Graves, director of
Emergency Services for
KishHealth System stands in
front of what will soon be a new
nurses’ station in Kishwaukee
Community Hospital’s expanded
Emergency Department.

In response to its high volumes and constant efforts for high quality of patient care, Kishwaukee Community Hospital is currently expanding its Emergency Room and Maternity Suites above it on the second floor. The construction, which began December 1, was originally expected to be completed by the fall of 2012, is ahead of schedule to be completed this summer. Mild weather and an efficient construction crew have put the anticipated project completion date ahead of schedule, lessening the interruptions to patients.

The expansion project includes the building of six more treatment bays in the Emergency Department, bringing its current number of 15 to 21, plus an additional nurses’ station and a patient bathroom. And on the Maternity Suites unit, to accommodate the growing number of patients delivering babies, four private rooms primarily dedicated to C-section postpartum recovery will be added. An operating room also will be added to Maternity Suites, reserved mainly for scheduled and emergency C-sections.

Cindy Graves, director of Emergency Services for KishHealth System, commented about the construction, “We ask that the public has patience as we complete this much needed expansion. We continue to give patients high quality care despite the noise at times and temporary loss of space due to the construction.” Providing our usual standard of quality patient care and safety remain the priority for the emergency room providers, regardless of the construction. “We apologize for any inconveniences the construction may cause during the next few months as we look forward to accommodating more patients in the expanded space,” Graves added. This project is another way KishHealth System is serving to the community with improved services and facilities. 

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