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Published on June 27, 2012

Several Staff changes within KishHealth System

June 27, 2012 

Dr. Todd Barrowclift

Dr. Todd Barrowclift

Dr. Todd Barrowclift, emergency physician, joined the health system’s Quality Team recently as director of Physician Operations. Dr. Barrowclift’s responsibilities include assisting physicians with Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) implementation as well as being involved in other quality initiatives throughout the health system. With the KishHealth System since 1991, Dr. Barrowclift and has served as medical director of the Emergency Department and has participated in numerous committees including the Bylaws Committee.

Dr. Michael Kulisz, KishHealth chief medical officer, said, “In the current healthcare environment hospitals and physicians will need numerous resources to assist them in fulfilling their duties to provide an integrated healthcare system that delivers exceptional quality of care to their patients. Dr. Barrowclift’s experience and knowledge of the current healthcare environment will help the health system to continue to provide quality care to our patients.” 

Dave Proulx

Dave Proulx

Mike Muzzillo, vice president of operations for Valley West Community Hospital retired as of June 30, and Dave Proulx has succeeded him as assistant vice president of Valley West Operations and Health System Facilities. Proulx had been director of Engineering, Biomedical Services and Security at Kishwaukee Community Hospital since 2002, and proved himself in the areas construction project management, including the construction of the new Kish Hospital and The Cancer Center. “He has been deeply involved in the planning for the Valley West campus and will provide valuable leadership as we move forward with Valley West’s new patient wing,” said Brad Copple, Valley and Kish president.

Karen Black, RN, BSN, has accepted the position of Director of Quality for KishHealth System. Black has provided regulatory and accreditation oversight with the health system since 2007. Cheryl Fisher, assistant vice president, Patient Care Services, Kishwaukee and Valley West Hospitals, said, “Her dedication, previous years of leadership experience and her commitment to a patient-centered approach, will serve us well in helping the health system maintain and improve the quality of care delivered to our patients. We look forward to working together to create the future of healthcare quality at KishHealth System.

Paul Springer has been promoted to the position of director of Engineering, Biomedical Services and Security at Kish Hospital succeeding Proulx, and Jim Smith has been selected for Paul's former position as the manager of Plant Operations and Maintenance. “Both Paul and Jim bring very special and unique skills which will compliment the health system's management team as we move forward to meet the challenges of the future,” Proulx said.

DurRay Sanchez-Torres, RN, BSN, is the new clinical development educator of Simulation Training for KishHealth System. Fisher said, “DurRay has experience running a simulation laboratory in a hospital setting and we are excited to have her on board to launch ours.”

Also, three nurse directors have taken on additional responsibilities Lisa Ackland, RN, is now the director of Surgical and Cardiovascular Services. Jodi Haeffner is the director of Diagnostic and Cardiac Lab Services; and Joey Schap is the director of Cardiopulmonary and Cardiac Rehab Services. 

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