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Published on June 28, 2012

Statement from KishHealth System: Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act

June 28, 2012 

To: Employees, Physicians, Volunteers, Board members, Media

From: Kevin Poorten, President & CEO

Re: Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act

Date: June 28, 2012

KishHealth System joins the Illinois Hospital Association in applauding the U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act. Illinois hospitals have long supported the expansion of coverage for the uninsured and reforms to eliminate exclusions for pre-existing conditions and coverage caps to improve the health and well-being of Illinoisans.

While many organizations have been waiting for this ruling to act on health care reform initiatives, Kish and Valley West Community Hospitals and many other hospitals in Illinois already have been working on new and efficient models of health care delivery to improve outcomes and lower costs.

The ruling reinforces our course to continue to improve quality, to focus on programs that manage and improve people’s health to keep them out of the hospital and to expand access to care as we’re doing through the Community Cares Clinic and KishHealth Physician Group (KPG), where the health system is employing physicians.

As the Affordable Care Act works it way to full implementation in 2014, access to doctors will continue to be an issue, which is why expanding our primary care network through Community Cares Clinic and KPG is so important.

KishHealth System will continue to support IHA’s partnership with Governor Quinn and the General Assembly to help guide Illinois hospitals through the intricacies of health care reform including the implementation of the Illinois Health Insurance Exchange. With the health care reform law upheld, we urge the General Assembly to pass legislation authorizing and establishing the insurance exchange.

Kevin Poorten can be reached at 815-756-1521 x153323.

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