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Published on July 23, 2012

Sports Legacy Institute to Hold Advanced Concussion Training at Sycamore High School

July 23, 2012 

Hosted by SLI Co-Founder Chris Nowinski, Advanced Concussion Training program will focus on concussion education, prevention and management for coaches, parents, athletes, and concerned citizens.

(SYCAMORE, IL) — The Sports Legacy Institute (SLI), a Boston-based non-profit organization founded to advance the study, treatment, and prevention of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups, will provide an innovative concussion education program at the Sycamore High School on Friday, July 27, at 6:00 PM. The event will be delivered by SLI Co-Founder and Executive Director Chris Nowinski.

Organized by Joe Scianna, President of the Sycamore Youth Football League, this Advanced Concussion Training (ACT) session is designed for coaches, teachers, parents, athletes, school and government officials, and concerned citizens. “As President of the Sycamore Youth Football League, coach and former player, I have found it to be imperative that our parents and coaches and community are educated on the signs, symptoms and risks of concussion. Through this educational process we can insure the continued proliferation of this great sport that instills the values of hard work, team work and sportsmanship in our youth,” said Scianna.

The SLI ACT is FREE and open to the public, courtesy of title sponsor, the Northern Illinois ENT Specialists LTD, and other sponsors including Kishwaukee Community Hospital, National Bank and Trust, Castle Bank, and SLI Official Educational Partner, PAR Concussion Recognition & Response.

SLI has quickly risen to prominence as a national leader on sports concussion advocacy, education, and research. In 2008, SLI partnered with Boston University School of Medicine to form the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy (CSTE) to study the long-term effects of brain trauma on athletes and other at-risk groups. The ever-growing media attention to SLI and the BU CSTE has been a driving force in raising public awareness of the dangers of concussions obscurity to its rightful place in public discourse.

SLI has been instrumental in improving the lives of athletes by influencing concussion legislation in several states, in addition to promoting significant policy change within various sports organizations at all levels of the game, including stricter penalty enforcement for illegal hits to the head within both the NFL and the NHL.

The latest achievements of SLI include forming the Chicago Concussion Coalition (CCC) in August 2011 and announcing a bold “Hit Count” Initiative (based off the concept of “pitch counts in youth baseball”) at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis earlier this year. The CCC represents a network of 50 national athletic, health and social service organizations united under a common mission to work in partnership to provide student athletes in greater Chicago with the best resources available to protect them from sports related concussions and recurring injuries.

“For too long concussions were a silent epidemic, and it’s rewarding to know that youth sports programs finally recognize the value educating coaches, parents, and athletes. Through following the recommendations in our Advanced Concussion Training, program will learn to play sports smarter and safer,” Nowinski said.

The 90-minute multimedia presentation will focus on:

  • Concussion basics and concussion recognition
  • Concussion reporting & athlete psychology
  • Appropriate concussion response & evaluation
  • Return-to-play following concussion
  • Coordination of concussion care with school & family
  • Potential academic consequences of concussions
  • Concussion prevention strategies for coaches & athletes
  • Long-term effects of concussions & brain trauma – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)
  • CTE prevention strategies
  • Review of the latest technologies in the fight against concussions
  • Strategies to create a safer sports environment
  • SLI’s 7 Steps to Brain Safety

For more information about Sports Legacy Institute and their concussion education programs visit

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