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Published on April 04, 2013

Local Patron Honoring Employees in New Patient Wing

April 4, 2013

Local patron honoring employees in new patient wingFormer Plano resident honoring Plano Molding employees

Sandwich, IL – After breaking ground last September, Valley West Community Hospital, part of KishHealth System, is in the middle of an $11.2 million investment, adding a new 21-room patient wing to the facility along with other major improvements. KishHealth Foundation’s annual Heart of the Hospital campaign is a specially focused effort to raise money for the new wing. KishHealth Foundation Executive Director, Marcy Rubic, is pleased to announce that Peter Henning, former president of Plano Molding, and his wife, Jackie Henning, are presenting a gift for the new addition. 

Plano Molding opened in Plano, Illinois, in 1932 under the direction of Warren ‘Pete’ Henning, and has been led by family members since then, including Jim Henning for 33 years, and Peter Henning for 34 years. Tom Hurt, the current CEO of Plano Molding, worked with Pete Henning for many years until Mr. Henning’s retirement.

"Mr. Henning and his family made it clear that for many employees, Sandwich Community Hospital was the hospital of choice, and Plano Molding Company depended on it for many medical services," said Rubic. "His donation is a significant way to recognize the employees’ service to Plano Molding, and the hospital’s service to his employees."  

A plaque reflecting the Henning’s wish to honor and commemorate Plano Molding employees will be placed in the new atrium lobby, which will open in this fall. 
"My family certainly made contributions to the company," said Mr. Henning. "The many hard-working, dedicated and talented employees of Plano Molding were at the heart of the success of the business."

A long time supporter of the hospital, Peter Henning served on the board of Sandwich Community Hospital, and was part of the board when the hospital switched names and became part of KishHealthSystem in 1998. “It is because of the success of Plano Molding Company that my family is able to dedicate the atrium area to a great group of people that made the company so successful,” said Henning.

In the fall of 2013, a new 21,400-square-foot patient wing will open, providing 19 new, private, modern patient rooms and two observation rooms. Each spacious patient room will feature enhanced safety and comfort features. To learn more about the building project, please contact KishHealth Foundation at or by calling 815.848.9954.

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