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Published on July 22, 2015

KishHealth System Supports Local Theater

July 21, 2015

Ordinary People ROCHELLE, Ill. – Ordinary People is a play adapted from the novel by Judith Guest that follows young Conrad Jarrett and his family, who are all just ordinary people. Conrad has suffered a terrible tragedy and now his family is in jeopardy. Conrad looks for help to escape from the drama the family is facing. Meanwhile, his successful, well-intentioned father and beautiful, organized mother are all fighting a hard battle trying to keep their family from falling apart. "The play takes on some tough issues including the death of a child, survivor's guilt and people unable to open up, be vulnerable and ask for help," according to Jim Doherty the show's Director. This story highlights the essence of a young man, his friends and family, their relationships and survival.

The show is playing at the Vince Carney Community Theatre (VCCT) at Paddock Hall in Rochelle, Illinois. This not-for-profit community theater is one of the organizations that brings fine arts to Rochelle and its surrounding communities. Vince Carney Community Theater relies on highly-talented, local volunteers and generous donations to bring quality productions to the local stage. Ordinary People is playing on July 24 - 26, 31 and August 1. For more information about the theater or upcoming shows please visit

KishHealth System is generously supporting the show because of the themes the play addresses and recognizes the stigma that accompanies mental health issues and the aftermath of a tragedy. Ordinary People brings to the forefront themes of behavioral health and the progress that has taken place over the past several years. While growth has occurred throughout the nation and in our community, 35 years after Ordinary People won the Academy Award for Best Picture, there is much more work that needs to take place. KishHealth System Behavioral Health is committed to the wellness of our community, including each person’s mental health and well-being. The health system applauds the VCCT for bringing this play and issues to light. Best of luck to the cast and crew for the upcoming show. For more information about KishHealth System Behavioral Health please visit  

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