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Published on January 21, 2013

Leroy Shoemaker - Back on the Golf Course After Knee Replacement Surgery

Leroy Shoemaker

Leroy Shoemaker

Leroy Shoemaker of Rochelle is an inspiration. His energy level is enviable, even at the age of 81. A retired Agriculture and Horticulture teacher at Rochelle Township High School, Leroy now enjoys spending time on the golf course, playing bridge, and traveling to visit family with his wife Dorine. A couple of years ago, Leroy began experiencing pain in his right knee and when he got it checked out, the doctor said his knee was “bone on bone.” After injections of cortisone and Synvisc, he was still experiencing pain, so the next step was to see an orthopedic surgeon. Leroy was referred to Dr. Steven Glasgow, who recommended knee replacement surgery.

Living in Rochelle, Leroy had a choice where to do the surgery. Dr. Glasgow described the services at Kish Hospital’s Center for Joint Care, including the education program, inpatient physical therapy, the Joint Care team, and the private rooms. Leroy had a couple of friends who had recent surgeries at Kish Hospital and highly recommended going there, so he felt his choice was easy, he would come to Kish Hospital for his knee replacement. His surgery was June 26, 2012.

Post-surgery, Leroy golfed in the fall and still exercises faithfully every day, doing the exercises outlined in the Joint Center patient guide. Leroy said that his staying active is the reason why his recovery has gone so well. His advice to others needing joint replacement is to begin exercising before surgery and continue during recovery. He said, “I have no problem going up and down stairs—my knee actually feels better after I do!”

Leroy said, “The care was very good here at Kish Hospital.” Both Leroy and his wife Dorine remarked that Occupational Therapist Kris Sargent made the inpatient therapy sessions fun. In addition to Leroy’s wife, his daughter and daughter-in-law were his coaches after surgery. They were so pleased with the care he received at the hospital that his daughter-in-law stated that she would bring her own dad here from out of state for surgery if he were in better health. And Leroy’s daughter, a nurse practitioner, said that she was also impressed with the hospital and the care he received.

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