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Published on January 30, 2014

Kayla Jansen: New Mom, Happy Mom

Kayla Jansen with Carson William Jansen“My overall experience at the hospital and with the nurses was wonderful. I wouldn't go to any other hospital. The nurses were the nicest people and they really genuinely cared about each patient. I know without a doubt that I will be going back there to have my other children.”

Kayla Jansen, a new mom, was happy with her birth experience at KishHealth System Maternity Suites at Valley West Hospital. She said, “The nurses were extremely nice and did an excellent job checking on me and taking care of me. I had a nurse with me the entire time. They never left me alone while getting things started, which made me very comfortable. When it came to getting my epidural, I was nervous and the nurses kept telling me not to worry about it, it was going to be okay and that they would be there with me the whole time holding my hand.”

Kayla continued, “My doctor and two other nurses were in with me, helping me and talking me through it. I had him out in 20 minutes. The second they laid him on me and his eyes were wide open looking at me. I was in heaven. I couldn't imagine being any happier than I was that very second.” 

She received breastfeeding support soon after the birth of her baby. “They helped me get cleaned up before the lactation consultant came in. She was very helpful with trying to get him to latch for the first time and when he did it was magical, what an experience. I wanted to take in every experience of being a first time mother. After the first feeding, it felt like everything came naturally, like I've been doing it forever.”

Though there is a nursery nearby, her newborn, Carson William, roomed in with her. She said, “I got to spend the first night with my son. I just wanted to hold him forever and not take my eyes off of him. The nurses were great about coming in and checking up on both of us, seeing if I needed help or if I wanted them to take him for a while, but I wanted to do everything myself.”

Kayla received the help she needed and felt cared for even through her discharge from the hospital. “Sunday came around and I was finally going to be able to take him home. The nurses helped me get our stuff together and pack our bags. They double-checked his car seat for me to make sure I had him strapped in securely. They helped me get to my vehicle and get me and my son situated to leave.” 

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