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Published on March 26, 2012

Alicia Seaton: Valley West Hospital Maternity Suites Patient

Serenity Olivia Seaton

Serenity Olivia Seaton

I gave birth at Valley West on January 24. Growing up in the 'burbs' I was dead set against delivering at Valley West. My pregnancy was high risk so we saw Dr. Brett Cassidy in Sandwich and went to another local hospital for testing. From the beginning, Dr. Cassidy told us about how wonderful Valley West is, but I still did not want to deliver there. Throughout my pregnancy, however, we visited Valley West Maternity Suites for testing and monitoring. After those visits, I was fine with delivering at Valley West.

Every single person: maintenance, dietary, nurses, CNAs, volunteers in the gift and the front door - were beyond fabulous. Everyone was kind, there to help in a split second and professional. 

If anyone ever asks how we were treated and about the quality care, I will stand behind Valley West 100%. I wanted to make sure you knew how impressed and wonderful our visits have been. I would like send a huge thank you not just to labor and delivery but every employee at your hospital. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.


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