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Published on May 03, 2012

Jessica Heck: Kishwaukee Hospital Maternity Suites Patient 

Jessica Heck and Addison

Jessica Heck and Addison

I would like to recognize the maternity nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, CNA's, technicians, etc. for having such compassion for their jobs. Honestly, I had the most wonderful experience delivering my first child at Kishwaukee Hospital. I would recommend Kish to anyone and everyone! I would like to share my story...

I was induced on March 8, 2012. It did not progress and I was sent home (this does not happen too often). I came back on March 21, 2012 for another induction. My baby did not descend and Dr. Dubrick decided that I would be appropriate for a c-section. My baby was born that night around 8:00 PM. All of my nurses were AMAZING but a few deserve special recognition.

First is Tara Gould. She went above and beyond during my first induction. She was determined to assist in any way she could to encourage labor and delivery progression. She set-up a portable monitor so I could walk the hallways. She also visited my room very frequently to re-adjust the monitor sensors while I was on the Swiss ball. She was patient, kind, and knowledgeable.

Another very influential nurse during my second induction was Dawn. She listened to me and guided me when I asked for help. She answered all my questions thoroughly. She had a calming quality about her that was very warm and welcoming.

Tara (not sure of her last name) was my angel. She was my nurse during my delivery (3-11 PM shift on 3/21/12). She was by my side for everything. She answered all my questions calmly and genuinely made sure I received the best care possible.

The pre-op and post-op team were amazing. The anesthesiology team was also wonderful! I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Dubrick and Dr. Kruskol. Both are truly awesome and skillful in what they do. You can fully trust them, which is the most important aspect when it comes to delivering your baby.

The 7-3 nurse on 3/22/12 (I cannot remember her name) was amazing!! She helped me get out of bed for the first time! She explained everything to me and took the time to make sure I felt at ease. She was extremely thorough!!

Lois was another amazing nurse. She helped me learn how to nurse my baby. She also put me at ease when I was concerned about my baby’s swallowing. She showed me techniques for burping my baby.

Alyssa 11-7 AM nurse on 3/23/12 to 3/24/12 was also wonderful. I felt confident that she would take good care of my baby in the nursery overnight so I could get some much needed rest.

Jen Kleckner and Judy Bergsmith were monumental when it came to breastfeeding. Without them, I would have given up. I came to Judy in tears, feeling defeated and ready to give up breastfeeding. By the time I left, I was laughing and felt confident that I could continue to breastfeed my baby. These strong women are two of the most influential people I have met!

Please look up all the nurses who assisted me during my hospitalization. All were truly amazing and deserve recognition. Honestly, I could not be more impressed and proud of Kish Hospital!


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