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Published on June 22, 2013

Leroy Greathouse - Patient at KishHealth System Cancer Center

In the fall of 2010, Leroy Greathouse, retired school principal and real estate broker from Sycamore, went to his doctor for a routine checkup. During the examination, he mentioned that he had noticed a little lump on his throat. His doctor referred him to Dr. Scianna who then performed a biopsy to confirm that Leroy did indeed have throat cancer.

As part of his cancer treatment, Leroy saw doctors at The Cancer Center at Kishwaukee Community Hospital; Dr. Bharati Bhate for radiation and Dr. M. Ishaqe Memon for chemotherapy. “I can't tell you enough about the aides, nurses and doctors that I had. It was phenomenal how they treated us, made you feel comfortable, were supportive and looked out for my best interests.”

“The Cancer Center was fairly new at the time I was going through treatment and I was glad to have it here when I needed it. I had a friend that had the same diagnosis and he was having to drive into Chicago every day for treatment. It was great to be close to home and I'm so glad we didn't have to travel. My family was close and could help care for me and check in on me and my wife every day.”

Leroy is a man who can appreciate a good joke and the humor of one doctor made some of the more unpleasant procedures bearable. “At one point during my treatment, I had to have a stomach tube put in, because eating was getting uncomfortable and Dr. Memon didn't want me to lose too much weight. When I was having the tube put in by Dr. Michael Monfils, I asked him how they take the tube out. He said, 'I climb up on the table, grab the tube and give it a good yank.' He made me laugh.”

One of the scariest aspects of cancer is the not knowing, but Leroy felt The Cancer Center doctors went above and beyond to help him understand what he was up against. “When Dr. Bhate came in to discuss my treatment, she took half an hour to explain and show me, with the images on the computer, what was happening and how the radiation would affect the cancer.”

“At all of my visits to The Cancer Center, everybody was so helpful, especially the receptionist.”

“I would tell anyone who has any indication of a change in their body to get it looked at right away. Catching cancer early is always the best solution.”

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