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Published on June 22, 2013

Linda Hickey, Patient at KishHealth System Cancer Center

Linda Hickey was diagnosed with uterine cancer and received a complete hysterectomy at Loyola Hospital. Previous to this diagnosis, Linda had breast cancer for which Dr. Richard Mason conducted a mastectomy. After both surgeries she followed up with Dr. Ramesh Kola at The Cancer Center at Valley West Community Hospital for chemotherapy. 

“Dr. Ann West is a wonderful person. She is very kind, understanding and follows through with any questions I have. I would recommend her to anyone.”

“For my mastectomy, I chose Dr. Mason because he was close to my home in Somonauk. He was fantastic. I've been seeing Dr. West because she came so highly recommended.”

“One advantage to having my doctors close to home was that I didn't have to travel for all of my follow-up visits. All of my doctors have been very professional and the doctor that Dr. West referred me to at Loyola was very efficient. The patient is their priority and I was very satisfied with the treatment options and care at Valley West.”

“Dr. Kola's staff is exceptional. Whenever I had any concerns or questions they would get me an answer right away. Your anxiety is so high with this type of diagnosis, but they were kind and caring and it meant a lot to me. Pam at reception was especially kind as well as nurses Becky and Sarah.”


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