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Published on August 30, 2013

Deb Paulin, Spine Center Testimonial

Deb PaulinDeb Paulin is very active. Between exercise and gardening, she keeps up with three grandkids who live in the area. All it took was one small, wrong move while she was exercising to knock her out of commission. “I was having terrible pain and discomfort in my shoulder. I thought I had strained it. I was not able to sleep because I couldn't find a comfortable position. I did a lot of pacing,” said Deb.

Initially Deb’s doctor suggested pain medication, steroids and physical therapy, but none of these options gave Deb any lasting relief. “I started to get very worried when I quickly began experiencing muscle weakness and started losing muscle function,” said Deb. “I knew it was more than just a strain.”

An MRI confirmed that Deb was suffering from a herniated disc in her neck. The affected disc was putting pressure on the nerves in Deb’s spine and causing her symptoms.

Deb attended a consultation with Dr. Gryfinski of the KishHealth System Spine Center.

Deb Paulin Video

Patient Testimonial Video

Deb Paulin, KishHealth System Spine Center patient, describes her herniated disc surgery and recovery experience at Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb, IL.

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Because of the acute nature of Deb’s injury, surgery was scheduled quickly before any more damage could occur. “I received pre-op education from Dave Smith (Spine Center Coordinator). It was one-on-one education and Dave walked me through everything I needed to do to before and after the surgery. My husband was my coach, which meant he was basically my advocate to make sure I took my pain meds and rested while I was recovering. It was good to have a coach there because when you come out of anesthesia you have a befuddled mind and can’t comprehend everything the nurses are telling you. Even though I have a background as a nurse and know I should take the pain medication to stay ahead of the pain, you forget or think that you are feeling well enough to skip a dose. My husband made sure I took it easy so I could heal.”

“I was only in the hospital overnight. I had no problems. I thought the occupational and physical therapists did a good job with their instructions for me. They told me how after the surgery I would need to take special care when doing things like getting dressed and going up stairs.”

“In the recovery room, I was so surprised when I woke up and realized the pain was gone. I could feel everything. The tingling and numbness in my fingers was gone. The pain that had run from the middle of my shoulder down my arm was gone. I would tell anyone with a similar injury, ‘Don’t wait.’ It was amazing to be in so much pain and then wake up in recovery and have no pain.”

“After surgery I started physical therapy. I have a mostly desk orientated job so within a couple weeks I was back working half days. I did have some weight restrictions but after six weeks I was back to full time work. I am feeling really good now. I have resumed my normal activities and exercise. I am even able to do some strength training again but am doing more resistance exercise with bands. I’m even swimming, gardening and doing the things I love again.”

“I can’t say enough about my experience with Kishwaukee Hospital. Right from the meet and greet at the front door, to admissions and pre-op, I felt very comfortable. The nurses were especially great. They even coordinated care for my overnight stay so they didn't have to wake me up in the middle of the night. My husband was able to stay the night with me and they made sure he was comfortable. “

“As an employee of KishHealth System, it was comforting to know the quality care that all of the patients receive when they visit the hospital.”

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