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Published on August 30, 2013

Denise Holzner, Spine Center Patient

Anyone who has had their back “go out” knows how debilitating the pain can be. In the beginning of April, that is exactly what happened to Denise Holzner. Initially she visited her general practitioner who suggested she try physical therapy to alleviate the pain. For three weeks, Denise attended therapy but the pain in her back and down her right leg showed no improvement. She went back to her doctor and together they decided Denise should have an MRI and found the cause of her pain was a herniated disc in her spinal column.

Denise decided to have a consultation with Dr. Gryfinski of the Kishwaukee Community Hospital Spine Clinic. She was familiar with Dr. Gryfinski’s work because he had corrected a neck injury for Denise previously. 

Dr. Gryfinski’s recommendation was surgery to correct the disc, but Denise felt uncertain about that course of action. She sought a second opinion from a pain clinic but ultimately Denise agreed with Dr. Gryfinski’s assessment that the epidural shots would simply mask the problem instead of correcting the disc, which was the source of the pain.

Once the surgery was scheduled, Denise sat down with Dave Smith, PT, Spine Center Coordinator. “Dave was excellent. He sat down with me to discuss what would happen during the surgery, typical recovery, treatment afterwards and how to take care of myself after surgery,” said Denise.

The surgery took place in June and Denise only had to spend one night in the hospital. “I received excellent service at Kishwaukee and was very happy with everyone I came into contact with. I was up and out of bed and walking right after the surgery,” commented Denise.

After the surgery, Denise had three weeks of physical therapy and now she is back to work and healing well. “I feel great. I went back to work a week early and started working half shifts. I was a little tender at first but now I feel like I am back to myself,” said Denise.

“I would recommend Dr. Gryfinski. His manner is excellent and he is a wonderful surgeon,” added Denise.

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